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Mobiles as Children's Media Devices

No description

yang hwan choi

on 2 April 2017

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Transcript of Mobiles as Children's Media Devices

Children/Adults learning lessons through mobile media devices?
Osmo Pizza Co,
Educational aspect
Second-hand theory based (mobile emulated situation learning)-> AR Experience baking

Semi-first hand processing (actual activity in AR environment) -> managing store, cashier

Designs for Knowledge Evolution (DKE) -> interconnected with First and Second-hand learning
-> Math, reflection, social skill from Osmo

What was good and missing from this chapter?
1) Designs for Knowledge Evolution (DKE) model

2) Diverse attempts to infuse the nutrition and other alternative education in mainstream

3) Multiple case observation
Applying to my study?
1) consider user experience in multi-dimensions

2) Be aware of the age-related issues

3) Implement new technology and careful examination of the effect.
Osmo Pizza Co.
Main subject area: Math & Social interaction

Deliberation tool: pizza store running
(Baking the pizza, collecting money and reputation, and sustain the business (up grade shop and types of equipment))

Input: Pizza Ingredients (6), Money (paper, coin)
Mobiles as Children's Media Devices
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