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Batman the dark knight theatre project

No description

Julia Rosalia

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Batman the dark knight theatre project

Dark Knight The Critique PLOT The movie starts with Joker robbing a mob used bank. Then Harvey Dent, the district's attorney (who is dating Rachael Dawes) convinces Lieutenant Jim Gordon, to let him meet Batman as he helps them to take down the Mafia. Bruce Wayne-a.k.a. Batman-becomes impressed with Dent and tells him he will throw him a fundraiser (party). The leaders of the Mafia; Gambol, Sal Maroni and Chechen are told by Lau, the man that deals with their money calculations, that their money has been tracked and pursued by the cops -lead by Gordon and helped by Batman- so he relocated it and escaped to Hong Kong, but is later captured and braught back to testify by Batman. The Joker interrupts the meeting and explains that the true problem is Batman and that he'll kill him for half of the money. Not only do they refuse, but also the Joker has a bounty from Gambol, who he later kills and takes over his mob. PLOT Continued The plot continues with Joker making a public threat that EVERYDAY more people will die until Batman reveals himself. The first he kills are Commissioner B. Loeb and the Judge for the mob trials. At Bruce's fundraiser for Harvey, Bruce shares with Rachael that he is going to stop being Batman and that Gotham deserves Harvey instead, which means they can be together. After, Dent proposes to Rachael but before she can answer, Bruce (Batman) hides him because the Joker has come, targeting him. PLOT Continued The Joker continues to threaten Gotham with his plan to kill the Mayor at the Commissioner's memorial service. However, Gordon saves him, seemingly losing his own life in the process. Then, Batman reveals to Harvey that he's planning to turn himself in. Instead, at a press conference, Harvey says HE'S Batman and is taken into Police custody. Joker goes after him so the actual Batman (Wayne) goes to help him. Joker is then stopped from revealing Batman and is captured by Gordon, who faked his death. Dent and Rachael have disappeared. Batman interrogates Joker and discovers he either has to save Harvey or Rachael. He barely save Harvey and half his face is horribly burnt and scarred. (Now two face, a nickname he received from some other cops before the incident.) Rachael died. Joker escapes police custody with a bomb and brings Lau with him. He then kills him and Chenchen and takes over most the mafia. He isn't in it for the money. He just wants to "watch the world burn." (-Alfred) Reese, a Wayne's Enterprise accountant publicly says that he will reveal Batman's true identity but Joker says that he'll blow up a hospital if someone doesn't kill Reese by the end of the day. Gordon, with 'accidental' help from Wayne, saves him. 2-Face uses his burned lucky coin to decide to kill people who lead to Rachael's death. Killing 2 corrupt cops that helped kidnap her and Maroni, who gave Joker his power. Joker rigs a ferry filled with citizens and one with the criminals from Harvey's trial with explosives. One must blow up the other by 12 or both will explode. Batman then has Luiceus Fox use a sonar map he created to find Joker. He barely agrees but says he will quit and can't work there as long as this machine exists, because it's too much power for one man. Batman (Wayne) tells him to type in his name when he is done. PLOT Continued Joker uses the hospital hostages to fake as mobsters and the mobsters are disguised as hostages, which throws off the SWAT team. Batman knows this so he must stop both the mobsters and the SWAT (without killing). He gets to Joker and destroys the detonator. Neither of the boats kills the other. Meanwhile, Harvey Dent (2-Face) kidnaps Gordon's family. Then, Batman shows up and Harvey flips his coin to decide weather to kill himself (lives), Batman (shoots him), and Gordon's son. Batman saves him, and kills Harvey. He tells Gordon to blame all the deaths on Batman (including both the cops and Moroni). The movie ends with Batman being chased by the cops, Gordon breaking the Bat Signal and Fox typing his name into the sonar machine, leading it to self destruct. Alfred rips up a letter that Rachael had previously given to him to give to Wayne, it explained how she planned to marry Dent and couldn't wait for him anymore. PLOT CRITIC PLOT CRITIC The plot in The Dark Knight was very interesting, deep and well thought out. The plot allowed the story to go deeper than just that of Batman. The characters, including the villains are well explained through story. This allows the audience to truly understand the, their thoughts and their background. The way the plot flows keeps the movie from getting boring. It includes many unexpected twists in events and keeps the story exciting and never becomes boring. Every occurrence is eventful and significant so that the viewers must always be on the edge of their seats. CRITIC Further, It shows the overall state of humanity and hope in Gotham City. It shows incredible ideas about heroism and leaves the audience in suspence and deep thought. The plot goes from exciting event to event, etc. so that in the end when all things are tied together, it leaves a strong impression in the audience's mind CRITIC The film also was very fun to watch for everyone. There was of course action but there was also some small bits of humor and a background love triangle. Overall the movie had something for everyone and was never boring. CHARACTERS BATMAN-Bruce Wayne Christian Bale Bruce Wayne, one of the most powerful and richest men in the city, is also Batman, Gotham's notorious super hero. His mother and father were killed when he was young. He then traveled across the world and was taught to be a hero (this all occurred in the first movie, Batman Begins). In the Dark Knight, Batman fights crime and helps the police with getting rid of the Mafia. He is meant to be a symbol of hope and Justice. CHARACTER CRITIC To me, Batman was a well developed character. He was the perfect balance of dark and light, evil and good. It is easy to become taken over by this character, with his immense emotions and complete determination to keep justice and give hope to Gotham. He's one of my favorite characters. Alfred Micheal Caine Alfred is Wayne's servant/butler. He knows that he is Batman and has seen more things pass through his family than anyone else. He has been through a lot and is very wise and often helps Wayne make important decisions. He says many impacting lines through out the movie and is a great friend of Wayne's. Character Critique Alfred is a great character. He gives insight to a lot of Bruce's feelings and solves a lot of mysteries in the movie. He gives reasoning for Joker's actions and gives the audience (and Bruce) more understanding to the villains and how they think. He has most of my favorite lines. He also has a bit of mystery to him which only gives the movie a darker feeling but also he is wise and humorous, being one of the smartest and funniest characters in the movie. Rachael Dawes Maggie Gyllenhaal Wayne's love interest. She is aware that he is Batman and this is why she won't be with him. She is now with Harvey Dent. But eventually Wayne asks for her back, and claims he will stop being Batman. This is also when Dent proposes to her. She plans to stay with Dent but neither ever find out due to her tragic death. CRITIQUE Rachael is a beautiful, smart, independent woman. She is great friends with Lieutenant Gordon and has known Alfred all her life. She is a great debater and works with Dent. In short, everybody likes her and the audience is able to understand why the men like her, bringing out the best and worst in both of them. Without her, most of the story would be lost. 2 FACE - Harvey Dent Aaron Eckhart Originally, Harvey Dent is one of the best lawyers in Gotham, fighting for justice, to get rid of the Mafia. He is dating Rachael Dent and is a real hero, without a mask. However, when Rachael dies and half his face is scarred beyond repair, he becomes evil (with a little convincing from joker. He kills based on a flip with his burnt lucky coin. After his face is burnt he takes back up an old nickname from the county jail- 2 face. CRITIQUE Learning Harvey's story through out the movie really helps you feel sympathetic toward his situation. You can understand how he became evil and even feel bad for what has been done to him. His actions and last second changes and decisions keep the audience in suspense. He is a complicated villain. Another fantastic thing about this character is hi quote in the beginning "you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a villain," and how it ultimately applies to his outcome so perfectly. The JOKER Heath Ledger The Joker is the main Antagonist in the film. He hunts Batman and overall creates complete chaos and fear in Gotham City. He started out as a man ripping off the Mafia but then offers to kill Batman for them. Later, they agree and he kills many public figures, makes threats, blows up a hospital, kills Rachael and turns Gotham's White Knight into an vengeful killer. CRITIQUE The Joker is probably, my all time favorite movie character. He is inconsistent, genius and beyond evil. He constantly leave the audience (not to mention Batman) on the edge of their seats. He changes the story all the time and effects not only the main characters but the whole city. He leaves an impact on the viewer's mind. The actor who plays Joker, Heath Ledger, was an unbelievably good actor. He had spent weeks, by himself, developing this unimaginable character. Melody Overall the movie was pretty fast-paced but had a good flow; it never dwelled on one part for too long. It wasn’t necessarily that the movie was really slow and that was why it was so long but that there were so many things put into it, it had to go for a long time. I think the melody of the movie greatly improves the movie so it isn’t boring or too fast. The audience is always interested and the movies stays exciting and fun to watch. SPECTACLE This movie didn’t just give me a good feeling it was also a well written movie. At the end when batman saves Gordon’s son’s life and killed Harvey Dent I felt really happy because once again justice triumphed over evil. This movie made me feel excited and pumped up from all the action and fighting. The feeling at the end just adds to the fact that it is a great movie.
The special effects, through out the movie also make it seem so real and I couldn’t help but feel like a part of the action. As the movie progressed, I felt more and more connected to all parts of the movie, from the characters and their lives to the tragic events that take place. This is one of my favorite movies because of the depth the movie was developed at and the overall feeling of the whole film. SPECTACLE Continued Diction In this movie the language spoken is English, but there seems to be an array of different accents used such as; some people using Spanish accents, some people using Japanese accents, and Albert uses an English accent. Everyone else uses an American accent. Critique: I feel the diction used in this movie helps the movie by helping develop the characters. Thoughts In the Dark Knight the protagonists (Bruce a.k.a. Batman, Alfred, Rachael, etc.) All basically want the same thing; Justice. The mafia gone, people to live and the city to be safe. Batman, through saving many people and capturing many villains, almost never kills. This shows him genuinely trying to send a message. He wants to inspire good and rid Gotham of evil, without using evil. The Antagonists, however, show different things. The Mafia men (Maroni, Lau, etc) want money. They want to be powerful and rich. Two- Face wants revenge and he uses unbiased chance to kill. He also gives his victims the same chances of living as he and Rachael had. Joker uses an entirely different thought process. He kills and spreads chaos for fun. Yes, he spreads many well thought out and almost inspiring messages, that he shares through out the movie. But the message always changes. And he does all this almost as a hobby. To watch the chaos spread. By Julia and David
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