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No description

Katie Nelson

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Welcome

Don't be..
All of this will be re-explained as the class progresses.

"Check-ins" with me will be made regularly to discuss your work and any questions/concerns you have.
1. Elements of Art
2. Two Dimensional Art
3. Three Dimensional Art
4. Photography
5. Multimedia

A little about me...
This class should be fun!
If it isn't, then come talk to me!
Rights and Responsibilities
These are for your benefit, thus following them is in your best interest.
Well, that's all,
Again, Welcome to
Introduction to Art!
Welcome to...
Introduction To Art!

My name is
Ms. Nelson
I have a
Bachelors Degree in Art Education
I spent 4 1/2 years, at the
University of Wisconsin – Stout
, earning that degree.
I grew up in
Rockford, Minnesota
, with my
younger sister
, and
My heritage is mostly
My favorite food is
Chinese food
, as well as anything with

Write down, then share with the class...

- your name
- your heritage
- something that makes you different
- your favorite food
Now lets learn about you!
What is Intro to Art?
This is a high school level art appreciation course that is designed for individuals at all levels of artistic knowledge.
(No knowledge - to - Extensive knowledge)

We will be covering a variety of content, varying from art movements and cultural art, to art genres and the various artists that are involved in them.

Studio art and techniques will also be a main focus that accompanies the content we cover.
These portfolios will be used to collect all your art throughout the class.

I will grade the work in your portfolio at the end of each assignment, as well as assess your progress based on past assignments.

Your progress and improvement will be a major factor in my grading criteria.
What are we
going to be making?
On the inside of your portfolios there is a list!

Unit - lessons - media - techniques - artists - etc.

This is provided for you so that you know what is coming and have the opportunity to prepare.
I will always be willing to provide materials for students outside of class or after school if they would like to practice with any sort of media or technique.
Now list one other topic/media/artist/culture/etc. that YOU would like to learn about.
That's right, you choose your own final project!
This final piece should reflect your strengths, as well as what you have learned throughout the class.
Be prepared to make progress goals, criteria for your work, list of materials, and a description of what you will be creating.
Keep this in the back of your
mind as you progress!
Final Portfolio
At the very end of the class you will present all your combined work in critique of your portfolio as a whole.

Here you will explain what you've learned over the term and how you've grown as an artist.
Your student choice final will be included in this critique and should reflect the most progress out of all your work.
Things you will need every day!
Begin your search in the library for a book on an artist to research. (if you cant find a book on a specific artist you want, talk with me about online sources)
Keep this list!
We will be adding to it in an upcoming assignment on your identity.
In your sketchbook you may begin drawing pictures, on your own time, that relate to what you have already written down about yourself.
If you feel over stressed or need extra help with anything in this class, I am always willing to provide assistance.
Fair isn't everyone getting the same thing.
Fair is everyone getting what they need in order to be successful.
One warning will be given for poor behavior.

After that we will individually have a talk, either during lunch or after school (which ever is best for you)
Bad Behavior
Any further actions that are needed will be dealt with by the principle.
(lets just not get to that point, it's no fun for you or for me)
You are always responsible for how you act, no exceptions.

I am always willing to reconsider a grade if you are willing to re-consider your work. Talk with me about it!
You have the right to a safe environment
You have the responsibility to follow safety rules

You have the right to voice your opinion
You have the responsibility to respect the opinions of others

You have the right to use school books, materials, and equipment
You have the responsibility to take care of all school materials

You have a right to fair treatment
You have the responsibility to treat others fairly

You have the right to a good education
You have the responsibility to do your best
1. Stay Positive!
2. Be Engaged!
3. Participate!
If you want to succeed in this class, remember these 3 things...
It's your education, and your time spent in this class. Make the most of it!
Lets make this a great experience!
Safety Rules
When instructions on how to use something are being given, LISTEN!
Clean up after yourself, dirty art rooms can be dangerous.
Face masks and eye protection are to be worn when working with hazardous materials.
Use materials appropriately! No warning will be given for misuse of materials, privileges will be immediately revoked.
Absolutely no running in the art room!
Respect the workspace of others.
Return items where you found them.
When you come to class, have a seat, unless otherwise stated by myself.
Bathroom breaks- Just ask first, and be quick.
No one leaves early! Leave when bell rings.
Absences- if they are excessive I will create for you a personalized plan to help you make up the work.
Swearing- Just don't. 3 strikes and your out. (Principle visit)
Due dates are made for a reason, late work is not accepted unless caused by excused absences.
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