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Hamza Zaman

on 13 January 2013

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Transcript of AREA 51 PRESENTATION

This Is A Presentation On Area 51
In This Presentation I Will Be Explaining All The Theory's Surrounding This Place Where Is "Area 51"? The So-Called Area 51 Is A Section Of The Edwards Air Force Base Which Is Located In Southern Nevada.
The Base Is Owned By The United States Government And Is Operated By The United States Air Force. Alien spacecraft storage This Is Believed To Be True Because Of The Advancement Of Fighter Planes That The Air Force Has Developed.
It Is Also Said To Be Storing Crashed Spacecraft And Experimenting On The Engineering Of These UFO Transportation. Study And Testing On Aliens. There Is A High Amount Of people Who Agree That There Is Aliens Being Tested And Experimented On In The Section "AREA 51" And Interrogation On Living Aliens
Meetings with Aliens. There Have Been Suspicions That There Have Been Meetings In Area 51 With E.T (Extraterrestrials)
One Man Called Bob Lazar Has Claimed That He Has Had Contact With Aliens And Has Worked At Sector 4 Which Is Allegedly located within the "Area 51"
Bob Lazar Has Said He Was A Physicist And That He Saw 9 Discs Which Were UFO And He Also Claims He Saw Reverse Engineering On The UFO Spacecraft.
Weather control There Are People Who Believe That There Are Testings Of Weather Control In The Edwards Air force Base.

They Are Said To Be Cloud Seeding To Trigger Rain, Hurricane Control And Chemtrail Which Is Smoke Left Behind By An Aircraft. People Are Asking For A Goverment Explanation About Chemtrails

High Security Around The Air force Base. The Military Forces Guarding The Edwards Air force Base Which Is Top Secret And There Is Authorized Use Of Deadly Weapons
There Is A Boundary And If You Pass That Boundary Than You Can Be Shot Or You Will Be Warned To Move
There Are Signs Which Warn People.
There Are Mountains That Surround The Base So It Is Secretive. My Conclusion I Believe That Area51 Exist And All The Suspicions Are True

The Reason I Area51 Exist Is Because There Is High Security And The Air force Has Manufactured Fighter Planes That Look Like Birds In The Air And Explosive Weapons That Come From This Base. PICTURES
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