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Kairi Joiner 2222

No description

Kairi Joiner

on 25 April 2011

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Transcript of Kairi Joiner 2222

The New World Order is a conspiracy theory from the late 1700’s. The I Chose This Topic The reason I chose the NWO as my topic was for two major reasons. One to aware people of the issue and to inform them of the great impact the movement could have on people everyday lives. The other is I was extremely interested in the topic since I was first introduced to it back in 11th grade. My Essential Question What is the NWO and the Amero, and is the Amero a good or bad alternative for the U.S currency? Driving Question What type of problems and breakdowns is the European Union experiencing and if the other three unions get established will they encounter them too?

Why is the Empire of the Rothschild Family significant to the Worlds currency?

How will people personal wealth be accounted for?

Who makes the laws in the U.S?
I. Main point: Confusion regarding regulating laws may occur.

II. Main point: How will presidents be elected or will there even be presidents; who will govern laws.

III. Main point: Would our freedoms as an American citizen be jeopardized and will the U.S constitution still be valid?

IV. Will trade relations be effected?

My Main Points My Conclusion In my opinion if all the previous questions I state come to past during a complete New World Order the whole world will be in a great deal of trouble. Not only could this damage trade relation between countries far worst than what they are now. It can potentially lead to another World War and history proves that’s the worst of all outcomes. Another problem that could be faced is people losing faith in the government ability to serve and protect in result of previous freedoms being valuated. That being said I believe the issue to be concerned about is the world being put in the hands of one government that rules everything without interference of outside guidance in fact there would be no outside guidance with the whole world as one. Those points alone are enough to scare me away from the thought of a NWO.
Waht is the NWO
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