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American Film Studies: Quarterly Assessment 2/4

Students will follow through the Prezi in order to assess their knowledge of American Film Studies.

Ryan Woods

on 31 May 2018

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Transcript of American Film Studies: Quarterly Assessment 2/4

Question #4
Watch the following movie trailers for four different Quentin Tarantino movies in order to answer the question below.
Question #5
Watch the movie trailers from the original
from 1984 and the reboot created in 2016.
Question #6
All the following answers are choices that classify
The Usual Suspects
as a film of the New Hollywood (1990s) era EXCEPT:

A. Chronology Scrambled and Twist Ending
B. Protagonist and Antagonist Blurred
C. Ensemble Cast
D. Set in a different time period
Question #1
Which trope discussed in class is the trailer for Star Wars: Episode 4 "A New Hope" an example of?

A. A Hero's Journey
B. Strong Female Character
C. Twist Ending
D. Love Story
Question #2
In the movie clip above there are several
action movie tropes
that carry over from the first movie. Which of the following is NOT a trope that can be seen in the clip?

A. Damsel in Distress
B. Man vs. Society (a crowd) conflict
C. Mass confusion leading to huge stunts
D. Using a disguise to get out of a tough situation
Question #3
Essay Section

What is the function and purpose of cinema?
Why do we watch films?
Does film reflect life or does life reflect film?
Why do soundtracks matter?
How can the score of the film elevate a movie?
What makes a film a “blockbuster”?
What does a director get to decide?
Is the first film in a trilogy always the best?
How are today’s films judged differently than in the past?
What makes good modern cinema?
American Film Studies: Quarterly Assessment 2/4
You will watch a series of clips and then answer the questions that follow.
As a class, we watched
Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
. Now, watch the movie clip from
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
which is the next movie in the original trilogy of movies.
Please begin the movie clip at 3:10 and watch until the end to answer the question below.
After watching the clip from
The Godfather
, what is the director's intention behind the oranges in each of the scenes shown?

A. Oranges show financial deals being made.
B. Oranges foreshadow that death is near.
C. Oranges symbolize wealth and pride.
D. Oranges signify a change in the air.
Directors often have a style or hallmark that overlaps into different films. Which of the following are NOT a "Tarantino" style or hallmark that overlap in at least two of the four film trailers?

A. Ultra violent/Ultra gory action scenes
B. A Cameo
C. The Trunk Shot
D. Same Actors/Actresses
Remaking a film is taking the existing film and updating it to make it current or different but keeping the core of the film intact.

Rebooting the film is taking an established franchise and changing it in drastic ways.

How was this movie an example of a reboot and not a remake?
A. Keeps the same characters, plot, and setting and just updates it for a current audience.
B. Takes the same ideas and changes the cast to women.
C. Shows people the same storyline
D. Only changes special effects and keeps everything else the same.
Watch the movie trailer for the
The Usual Suspects
and answer the question that follows.
Choose one of our BIG questions from this semester and explain it using what we've talked about in class as well as your own understanding. Type it out and print it in order to turn it in by the end of the period.
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