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Skulduggery Pleasant Kingdom Of The Wicked

A John Partridge Production

John Partridge

on 18 June 2013

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Transcript of Skulduggery Pleasant Kingdom Of The Wicked

By John Partridge
Skulduggery Pleasant Kingdom of the Wicked
Walden D'Essai
Pictures of the characters
Skulduggery Pleasant (Taken name)
Main Characters
Main Characters
Skulduggery and Valkyrie has to travel all across Ireland because of mortals deleveping wild and unstable magic.
A sorcerer got killed by three people mortal who possess magic.Skulduggery and Valkyrie witnessed weird things like a over weight man who thought he was a butterfly. They research the location of Argeddion and meet up with Greta who is his wife. She tells them that Walden D'Essai was a sorcerer who wanted peace. During Walden D'Essai research he discovered his true name, Argeddion. They find out that Argeddion was in a place called Swiss Alps. They then fought Argeddion and was victorious. After that they wiped Argeddion memory clean, also sealed his true name from him and therefore having him 'reborn' as mortal.
Valkyrie Cain (Taken name)
Ghastly Bespoke (Taken name)
China Sorrows (Taken name)
Tanith Low (Taken name)
Fletcher Renn
Billy-Ray Sanguine
Lord Vile
Argeddion (True name)
Skulduggery Pleasant
Age: Over 400
Magic: Elemental
Occupation: Detective & Sorcerer
Valkyrie Cain
Age: Teen
Magic: Elemental & Necromancy
Occupation: Mysterious double life or otherwise a detective
Darquesse (True Name)
True name: Darquesse
Other name: Lord Vile
Age : Unknown
Magic: Unlimited magic
Occupation: Searching a way to make the world peaceful
True name: Argeddion
Age: Unknown
Magic: Elemental
Occupation: Leader of an army and worshiped the Faceless Ones
Baron Vengeous
Age: Unknown
Magic: Adept
Occupation: General in Mevolent army
They battle a werewolf
Learn the story of Argeddion
Valkyrie fight 3 mortals
Valkyrie gets transported to another dimension
Valkyrie fights Mevolent in alternate dimension
Darquesse (Valkyrie) then fights Mevolent
Gets transported back to her dimension
Finds out where Argeddion is
Go to Swiss Alps (where Argeddion is)
Argeddion is inside a dome
Fights Argeddion
Argeddion wife dies
Argeddion battles Skulduggery and Valkyrie
Skulduggery and Valkyrie ens=ds upvictorious
Wipes Argeddion memory clean
Seals Argeddion true name
Baron Vengeous
Lord Vile
Age: Over 400
Magic: Necromancy
Occupation: General in Mevolent army
Characteristic: Cold, cruel and an obsession with murder and destruction
Nefarian Serpine
Age: Unknown
Magic: Adept
Occupation: General in Mevolent army
Weapons: Scepter of the Ancients
Nefarian Serpine
Thanks For Listening and Watching
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