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Lakeside 2050 Lockers by Beau Browning

No description

Katrina Dye

on 2 March 2015

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Transcript of Lakeside 2050 Lockers by Beau Browning

Lakeside 2050 :Lockers for Lakeside High School
so everyone has seen the plain old boring lockers nowdays , but here's what i think they will look like in 2050
The interior of the Lockers are going to be very fancy. with a silver coating its going to light up the halls! There's going to be a lot of technology in the lockers like outlets,two screens with news and your schedule you will also have a your own personal iPad that comes with the locker.
screens and iPad
In the lockers there will be two screens and an personal iPad
Q: Is it going to cost more to get these high tech lockers?
A: Yes, student have the option of paying for the high tech lockers or staying with the normal lockers.
Q:Are the two kinds of lockers going to be mixed in?
A:No, they will be on separate sides of the halls.
In normal lockers nowdays theres not enough room for books and personal items. And I want to fix that.
I think lockers in 2050 will have many things such as outlet plug ins, more space , I also think there will be something like two screens with a schedule and one with school news , many more shelves for books and papers, since there will proboly less books there will proboly be slots for iPads and technology, and a finger print scanner for a lock.
There will be two screens located in the lockers . One screen will have your schedule and the other screen will have school news like dances, games, and even weather!
Personal iPad
With your locker you will have your own personal iPad. The iPad will have a charger in the Locker just for the iPad. I feel like the iPad will make up for many books.
I think this will make for better organization , less missing assignments, and better grades.
A glimpse into the future of Lakeside School District
Beau Browning
I don't foresee these lockers being just in Lakeside, I think they will be designed for many more schools in America
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