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What is Musical Theater?

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Julia Salame

on 21 October 2014

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Transcript of What is Musical Theater?

Musical Theatre
Three Plays that contribute to the popularity in Musical Theatre:

Before the ruby slippers were brought forth in Munchkinland, two girls, Elphaba and Galinda -one playing the role of a spoiled girl with a kind heart and the other with lime green pigment trying to be popular and take care of her paralyzed sister all the while everyone else hates her- becomes the most unlikely of friends. When the headmaster of their school says that Elphaba is eligible to go to Emerald City to see The Wizard (whom she is dying to meet) and practice magic to the best of her potential. Galinda decides to tag along with her. Upon their arrival to the magical area, they discover that The Wizard had different intentions for the both. Long story short, Elphaba is manipulated into turning in an antagonist while Galinda would be the new one to be the hero. From that point on, the story features The Wizard of Oz all the while the set of friends are fighting over a guy in a cheesy/irrelevant love-triangle.
Lion King
From the humble beginnings in Pride Rock, comes a Disney classic in which a youthful, playful lion cub Simba learning how to be a true leader, which may take than more of his fair share of personal cost to see his fate. With the help of Nala - his childhood best friend - with the help of Timone and Pumbaa, help defeat Scar. Scar was the one who killed Mufasa (Simba's father) and ultimately, Simba will be the one who gives back the same treatment his father had in his final moments of life. In simpler terms, Simba learns to grow up and take charge of Pride Rock from Hyenas and Scar learns what goes around, comes around.
What is Musical Theatre..?
As we all know about Musical Theatre, there is so many key components to create a spectacular play. There needs to be a perfect combination of acting that draws emotion out of you -whether it be humor, love/hatred, or even a dramatic sequence- they have the power to generate an atmosphere that engages the audience into the play. It can make them laugh, cry...even gasp in surprise! These displays are created through either words, music, dance, or technical special effects to compliment the plot and create the best play they possibly could.

Mamma Mia!
Major Contributors
Some important people related to musicals are
Andrew Lloyd Webber (Phantom of the Opera - book author and music),
Victor Hugo (author of book which Les Miserables is based on), and
West Side Story (based on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, music composer Leonard Bernstein)
By: Jennifer, Ipara, Julia, Ciara, and Fatima
Originally, the ancient Greeks had first started creating songs and lyrics to accompany their on-stage stories or tradgedies, though it did very little to help out with the major increase of popularity of musical theatre. It wasn't until the 1600's-1700's (End of Renaissance to the 'Modern' Europe). There was two more popular kinds of Musical Theatre that were beloved in very influential countries like France, Britain, and Germany. The first type were ballad operas became very notable, using some comedy and music that was very popular at the time. Also, there were comic operas with newly-composed musical pieces created for a romance-based plot.
Type of Theatres Musicals are Preformed in Performed in...
Musical theatre is usually performed on a proscenium stage. A proscenium stage means that the stage is directly in front of the audience, rather than compared to other types of stages. Another name for a larger musical theatre is named Thrust Stage, where the audience is in a semi circle surrounding the arch of the main stage area where the play is being shown.
Here we have Galinda (blonde) and Elphaba (green) meeting for the first times in their new roles in the play. Galinda has turned from the spoiled rich girl into a kind hearted Good Witch of The Norh. Elphaba on the other hand, was tricked and has now embraced her new self as the Wicked Witch of The West.
Fact: Most Broadway Musicals are used in a proscenium fashion, though they will still use a Thrust Stage from time to time.
Our group has explored Musical Theatre through the types of Musical Auditoriums to the lively shows the actors produced from across the world. We hope to further discover more about the Theatre world in our Drama Class.
Mamma Mia! is a musical about Sophie a bride-to-be, who has one wish: to have her absent father walk her down the aisle. After reading some passages from her mom's diary about three old lovers, Sophie sends each a wedding invitation in hopes to reach her dad. The arrival of the men from her past is surprising to Sophie's mom, and highly amusing to Donna’s two best friends. The more Sophie and her mother struggle to find truth and understanding, the more it threatens to tear them apart and wreck Sophie’s dream wedding.
Infamous scene where Mufasa and Sarabi welcome their new son, Simba, to the kingdom of Pride Rock with help from Rafiki, Mufasa's loyally trusted friend.
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