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Copy of Sweetgreen Presentation

BADM presentation

Catherine Payling

on 23 March 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Sweetgreen Presentation

Food that Fits

Marketing Music, Food and Sustainable Living
Mission & Marketing Objectives

Sweetgreen is a place where you can get fun, fashionable food that’s both healthy for you and aligned with your values. Simply stated…
food that fits.

Price based on the value that customers place on the product
Average Price of Salad about $8-$10
Market-skimming pricing
Profit highly reliant on the segment of the population willing to pay the high price

Fresh Local Ingredients
Casual Fast Dining
“Sweetlife” Experience

Market-skimming pricing
Profit highly reliant on the segment of the population willing to pay the high price

Source locally and organic ingredients from farms
We leave a gentle footprint to protect our planet
Share fun, food, music & ideas
We build meaningful relationships with those around us

College Students
Young Professionals
“Go-Green” lifestyle     
Health Conscious

“Seasonal” or “Make your own”: Organic Salads & Salad Wraps
Organic Frozen Yogurt

Provide customers with the products and services to promote a healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle

Provide an Eco-Friendly experience
Sweetgreen's packaging (bowls, cutlery, napkins, cups, straws) are derived from 100% plant-based compostable material
Recycled wood (bowling-alley scraps) used to make wall panels and furniture
Young and fresh “Sweetlife” tag line and events

College Students
Young Professionals   
“Go-Green” lifestyle     
Health Conscious

Produce obtained from local farmers, so salad options are available dependent on the season
Offer monthly salads to highlight seasonal produce

College Campuses
Urban, wealthier areas with easy outlets to local farms
Locations reflect areas where their target demographic is located

Produce travels directly from producers to SweetGreen, SweetGreen then creates the product it sells on location
No long chain of intermediaries
-Lessens possibility of conflicts within distribution channel

All organic produce derived from local farmers

SweetGreen gets the freshest produce
Provides menu flexibility for SweetGreen
Local Farms have constant revenue
Positive reflection on local economies
Provides flexibility with menu options
Green Restaurant Certified
Environmentally Friendly Energy
Solar panels
Wind energy
Energy efficient LED Lighting
Recyclable products and materials
Compost waste
100% plant based packaging
Expansion is one store at a time                       
Support other local farmers                       
Premium on training employees - they are brand ambassadors
Shades of Green - confers status on employees. Every teammate gets a free shirt, and the longer they're with Sweetgreen, the darker the shirt.
After one year they also get a pair of green high-top Converse sneakers. At two years a t-shirt and a neon green iPod Nano Touch. After three years, a lime-green Sweetgreen bike.”
Sweetgreen's Mission
Marketing Objectives
The Sweetlife Experience
Target Customers
Sweetgreen Products
Company’s Product Line Strategy
Product package, brand name and company image
Product Life Cycle:
Twenty-three Locations
Direct Distribution Channel
Local Farms
Mutually beneficial relationship

Loyalty Card - Sweetgreen Rewards
Social Media

Sweetlife Festival
Local Support of Arts and Music

Promotion created around target
Become a part of customers' everyday lives
No coupons or discounts (eg Living Social) maintains status
Public Relations
Sweetgreen Events
Customer Value-Based Pricing
Perceptions of Value
Location Dependent Pricing
Customer Service   


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