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Make It Stick: LSTCs Jan 2013

Engage Students with Digital Tools

holly frilot

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Make It Stick: LSTCs Jan 2013

Ideas! Civil Rights The Renaissance:
Shakespeare background Time for ideas Black History Month Make it Stick! Engage Students
with Digital Tools This job's going to kill me. I'm so tired I can't think straight. How can I possibly get all
this work done? Creative Powerpoint EasyBib Holly Frilot
Gwinnett County
Public Schools Define "stick" Heath, Chip, and Dan Heath. Made to Stick: Why
Some Ideas Survive and Others Die. New York:
Random House, 2007. Print. Ideas are
understood and
remembered Ideas
impact Ideas change
your audience's opinions or
behavior My goal: Change opinions
and behaviors about technology
and collaboration. To accomplish this goal, I need to be a digital tools expert that makes life a little easier for teachers. Outline 1 or more staff development classes
Further develop a project you started to use as an example
Share one thing you learned that will stick for you How will you make it stick? But what about Common Core? Text complexity (database levels) Informational text (databases) Focus on research process "Extensive practice with short, focused research projects" (Coleman and Pimentel 11) Assignments with authentic audiences and real purpose Argument, not persuasion Popplet or Prezi South America Infographics with Piktochart 5 minute assignment
Choose a person and read about them briefly.
Make one creative slide.
Copy and paste the citation on a second slide. 8 minute assignment
Choose a country and read about it.
Create a piktochart account.
Choose a template.
Include two pieces of information about the country on your infographic. Choose your own adventure... Option 1: Find an interesting article in Daily Life in History. Create an Easybib account. Cite your source and take one note.
Option 2: Use Opposing Viewpoints to find an interesting topic. Communicate three interesting points about that topic in a Popplet or Prezi.
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