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Angular Kinematics

No description

Richard Datwyler

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of Angular Kinematics

Angular Kinematics
These are angular terms that describe
We are introducing new variables as we move into Rotational dynamics.

distance, velocity and accelerations.
We title them angular displacement, angular velocity, and angular acceleration.
Symbolically we use the Greek letters theta, omega, and alpha.
These terms relate to and are similar to their linear counterparts
A ball is rolled across a level floor and travels a distance of 2.5 m and makes 12.2 revolutions.
What is the radius of the ball?
If the ball is uniformly accelerating and gets to that distance in a time of 1.75 s. What is the velocity of the center of mass and the angular velocity?
What is the linear speed of a child seated 1.2 m from the center? (assumed constant)
What is her acceleration (components)
A rotating merry-go-round makes one complete revolution in 4.0 s.
What is the speed on the outside edge at this speed?
How many revolutions does it turn through in this amount of time?
If it takes 2.5 seconds to reach this speed, what is the angular acceleration.
Calculate its angular velocity in rad/s.
A grinding wheel 0.35 m in diameter rotates at 2500 rpm.
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