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No description

Naijasia Thomas

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of 5SOS

5 Seconds of Summer!
Bio! (Part 1)
5 Seconds of Summer are a "punk rock" band from Australia. They formed back in High School where Luke, Michael, and Calum were all mates. After a year or so they met up with a mutual friend, Ashton, and the band was complete. 5SOS for short gained a small bit of success after posting covers of famous songs under the username "hemmo1996" which originally belonged to Luke.
Unlike those before them, 5SOS do not have fans. They prefer to call them the "5SOSFam" because they are all close. This is comforting because it connects them to their roots when they had only a couple thousand fans and now, millions.
"I actually don’t like calling you guys fans because you’re like the family I never had" -Mikey
Bio! (Part 2)
The band continued on playing small gigs in Australia until they caught the eye of fellow band Hot Chelle Rae. The lads played the Australian leg of the tour with them before returning home. They released an EP named Unplugged that reached number three on the iTunes charts in Australia. After being tweeted by the famous Louis Tomlinson from 1D the boys headed off the London for some songwriting and soon were on there way with 1D to open for their "Take me Home" tour.
Bio! (Part 3)
After releasing their second EP titled, "Somewhere New" the band continued to grow. Once finished with the TMH tour the lads took a tour of Australia and London. They then released news of a third EP titled "She Looks So Perfect" after signing to Capitol Records. They also announced their tour of North America and Canada nicknamed #StarsAndStripesAndMapleSyrup. This came along with a VEVO channel and the release of their video titled, "She Looks So Perfect. The band also named their record label "Hi Or Hey Records."

Bio! (Part 4)
This past Sunday, 5SOS made their first ever American television appearance being compared to the Beatles, on the Billboard Music Awards. They have also announced their first ever full CD to be released June 22, 2014 and is available for preorder. The boys will be again aiding One Direction in the European and American leg of their "Where We Are" tour.
The picture shows a group shot of One Direction and 5SOS after the last show until next year. The band had many adventures and their success was aided by One Direction.
Meet Calum!!!
Calum Hood was born on January 26, 1996 in Australia. Despite his appearance Calum is not Asian. He is Kiwi and Scottish. He has one sister named Mali and his home is currently in Australia with his mother. Calum is the bass guitarist as well as singer of the band. Calum went to Brazil last year because he got picked to represent Australia in soccer. He gave it up to pursue his music career.
Meet Luke!
Luke Hemmings was born on July 16, 1996 in Australia. Although he is the youngest, Luke has taken the role as the lead vocals. Luke also does backup guitar. He has two brothers named Ben and Jack. Luke has a small obsession with penguins and is the tallest member of 5SOS. Luke’s favorite number is 7 and gets the most nervous before a show.
Meet Ashton!
Ashton Irwin was born July 7th, 1994 in Australia. Ashton is the oldest member of the band and the drummer. He has 2 siblings Harry and Lauren, and actually hated the band before he joined. He thought they weren't serious enough. He wears glasses and is scared of the dark.
Meet Mikey!
Michael Clifford was born on November 20, 1995. He is the loudest member and also lead guitarist of the band. He does backup vocals from time to time as well. Mikey has no siblings and is known for his different colored hair. Michale enjoys the fans he gets to meet and had a bond with Harry Styles while on tour.
5sos quick Facts
They love blink 182.
Niall Horan is a huge fan of them
The boys don’t consider themselves famous at all.
They have a bus named gus
The boys used to brush their teeth together before every show, but they don’t know why.
On the 8th of March 2012 #5secondsofsummer trended for the first time world wide.
5SOS enjoy dressing up as superheroes.
The boys had to change “Over the Limit” to “Out of my Limit” because the original sounded like the song was about alcohol.
All except Ashton dropped out of school to pursue music.
According to Michael, the band would be called ‘Bromance’ or ‘The Powerpuff Blokes’ if they weren’t ’5 Seconds Of Summer’.
Their biggest musical inspirations are Blink 182, All Time Low, Boys Like Girls, Mayday Parade and Ed Sheeran.
The original band first formed on 3rd April, 2011.
Michael, Calum and Luke apparently used to play to a crowd full of drunk people in their lobby in London, without any pants on!
Luke eats the most.
Calum writes most of the songs
Naijasia Thomas
Straight from the "Fam"
"5SOS are a great inspiration. They are really funny and give life to their concerts." -Ashlyn, 16
"5SOS' music makes me happy because they sing to me what I want to hear about. They cheer me up when I am sad and their accents are cute." Anonymous, 14
"5SOS?! I love them! Seriously they have a good sound and are total pranksters." -@calumhxxd, Twitter
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