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FCWR 101

D.S. Apfelbaum

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Pro/Con-a-Thon

Books Start Here! Keywords: State-sanctioned murder is unethical. Concept #1 Keyword Keyword Keyword Keyword Keyword Concept #2 Death Penalty Ethics Death Penalty Execution Keyword Ethics Morality Right v. Wrong Boolean Searching Morality = Death Penalty = AND OR NOT Use AND to combine keywords
For example, this keyword search would return items in which "Morality" and "Death Penalty" appear together. Use OR to expand your search
For example, this keyword search would return items in which "Death Penalty" and "Capital Punishment" appear separately or together. Use NOT to narrow down your search
For example, this keyword search would return items in which only "Morality" appears. This search will exclude the following: results in which only the phrase "Capital Punishment" appears and results in which "Morality" and "Capital Punishment" appear together. = Search
Results Morality AND Death Penalty Morality NOT Capital Punishment Articles Web Sites Capital Punishment Death Penalty OR Capital Punishment = Brainstorming FCWR 101 Fall 2012 Issue Death Penalty, Capital Punishment, Execution, Ethics, Morality, Right v. Wrong Capital Punishment PRO! Where to start? Want to combine Boolean Searches? Use Parentheses: Morality OR Ethics AND Death Penalty OR Capital Punishment (Morality OR Ethics) AND (Death Penalty OR Capital Punishment) CQ Researcher SIRS
Source THE
METHOD: Currency Relevance Authority Accuracy Purpose Adapted from the Meriam Library California State University, Chico When was the information published or posted? Has the information been updated? Does your project depend on up-to-date information or will older sources be appropriate? How timely is the information? How well does the source
meet your needs? Does the information relate to your topic or assist you in arguing for or against a claim? Who is the audience? Is the information at an appropriate level? What is the source of this information? What are the author's credentials? Is the author qualified to write or talk about this subject? How reliable and trustworthy
is the source's content? Is the information supported by evidence? Has it been peer-reviewed or refereed? Can you verify facts and figures from another reliable source? Is the language objective, unbiased, and free of emotion? Are there spelling, grammatical, or typographical errors? Who is the author, publisher, or sponsor? Why does this information exist? What is the purpose of this information? Was it created to inform, to educate, to entertain, or to sell you something? Do authors/sponsors make this purpose clear? Does the point of view appear as impartial and objective? A Quick and Easy Guide to
Evaluating Sources Just because information is easy to find doesn't make it trustworthy or reliable. Death Penalty OR Capital Punishment Death Penalty OR Capital Punishment For! For! For! For! Yes! Yes! Con! Against! Against! Against! Against! No! No! Take a Closer Look! BearCat:
Books, eBooks, & Much More Not what you were looking for? Try one of the linked subjects. Narrow your results by resource type. Sources supporting each viewpoint. Let's read this article. Cite this article. Steal these
terms! Use the database's official subject headings in your next search to find more articles like this one. So, how can you tell
if you've
found quality sources? Use the
test! CQ Researcher is a database of REPORTS on controversial issues. nyit.edu/library SIRS contains reference entries, government documents, newspaper and magazine articles, links to websites, and much more. Generating
Keywords So. Much. Work. Why are we even doing this? Different authors use different words to describe the same ideas and concepts. By generating a lot of keywords, you make sure you don't miss out on important sources that relate to your topic just because the author used a different term. QUIZ TIME! https://docs.google.com/a/nyit.edu/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dFpRVlFJa05SVEpjN1JOM1JOd2ZPa0E6MQ Click the link below. You'll be taken to a short quiz on the presentation you've just completed. NOTE: THIS QUIZ IS MANDATORY! Graded quizzes will be given to your professor. Databases arranged alphabetically. Databases arranged by subject area. Shakespeare Studies Browse journals alphabetically by title. Search for a journal title. Coverage of journal. Databases where specified coverage is available. Have a research topic but don't know where to start? Our librarians have assembled research guides to show you how to find what you need in our libraries and on the Web. Use to find books, ebooks, and other media. Search for subject guides using keywords. Browse subject guides by tags. Browse guides by subject area. Out of Cite, Out of Mind... Why Cite? How? To give credit where credit is due! To prevent plagiarizing others' words, ideas, or research. Choose
style. Choose
references. Death Penalty OR Capital Punishment
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