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21st Century Learners - Dyson Innovation Group 2013

Presentation on TEL for the Dyson Innovation group

John Lee

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of 21st Century Learners - Dyson Innovation Group 2013

use of network technologies to create learning opportunities unconstrained by timeframes and/or location the convergence of emerging digital technologies and learning learning facilitated by the use of digital tools and content, typically involving online interactivity between teacher, learner, peers, content etc marc prensky (2001) John Lee | Sheffield Hallam University T: (0114) 225 2710 | email: j.c.lee@shu.ac.uk what is We should be teaching our students for their future, not our past..... Arthur C Clarke what it's not.... http://tel4dt.wordpress.com/ why is it important....? technological trends mobile devices & networks
cloud computing
web 2.0
streaming video social trends participatory design
user generated content
personal learning environments what are the emerging technology enhanced learning practices, and how might they support teaching & learning in Design & Technology.....?

how do we access new technologies to enhance and support learning and teaching within Design and Technology.....?

how do we develop TEL provision in Design & Technology....? "Our students have changed radically....... Today’s students are no longer the people our educational system was designed to teach...." Core VLE Technology Enhanced Learning blogs & wikis screencasts social networks mobile learning e-assessment & feedback supporting 21st century learners augmented reality TEL??? better....faster.....smarter...... flipping the classroom..... augmented reality networked learning QR codes hands - on.... | mobile learning .....the importance of the social context of learning in cognitive development and knowledge acquisition dyson innovation group | 2013 wikis blogs mobile learning QR codes issues....??? staff training resources updating time equitable access co-ordination integrating hope it was useful..... Vigotsky 1896 - 1934 https://sites.google.com/a/jiscadvance.ac.uk/augmented-reality/rsc-nw-examples
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