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Alice in Wonderland - Archetypal

No description

Jenna S.

on 19 April 2015

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Transcript of Alice in Wonderland - Archetypal

By Jenna Salerno
Archetypal Approach
White Rabbit
Chesire Cat
Mad Hatter
The Red Queen
The White Rabbit would represent the

The white rabbit is the messenger at the Court of the King and Queen of Hearts. He is always wearing a waist coat and is carrying a pocket watch with a very manic, and occasionally aggressive personality. The herald is an archetypal character that appears when there’s about to be a major change in the protagonist’s life or just before the protagonist crosses over into another world. The white rabbit represents the herald because he leads Alice to a world of madness and also he leads her to the Queen of Hearts.
archetypal herald.

The Cheshire Cat is one of the most unique creatures in wonderland. The Cheshire Cat uses his clear-headed logic to both manipulate and help Alice in her journey throughout Wonderland. He works to try to give Alice some perspective when he says that everybody is mad. She doesn't understand truly what it means at first, but when you look into it, he is working to give her a view of Wonderland as a whole - Wonderland is a land ruled by irrationality where being in it makes you mad. The Cheshire Cat is a definite trickster in Alice and Wonderland as he does what he wants in order to please himself and occasionally serve Alice.

archetypal trickster.
archetypal mentor.
The Queen of Hearts is the

The Red Queen is the ruler of Wonderland. This Queen loves control and everything big. She definitely represents the villan of the story and is also the primary opposition to Alice throughout which is the root of Alice's conflict. The Queen doesn't see anything wrong in what's she's doing and is convinced she deserves the crown. However, the Queen does question herself if she has ruled the kingdom the correct way and if it is better to be feared or loved. Unlike most characters in Wonderland, the Queen is not concerned with "nonsense" and is only concerned with ruling and executions. She is the force of fear in Wonderland and Alice gets a taste of this fear throughout the movie.

archetypal villan/shadow.
Refuses the Call to Adventure
Alice enters this new world that resembles a reoccuring dream that she has. The creatures in Wonderland welcome her, but they question if she is the correct Alice. They show her the "Oraculum" which is a calender that shows Alice slaying the Jabberwocky, a massive dragon-like creature, during a battle. Alice tells the characters that it is not her. She is being very reluctant of the situation, since it seems so unlikely that a girl like her could slay such a massive creature.
The Hero is encouraged by the Mentor
Alice comes across the Mad Hatter who ends up being the mentor in this journey. Hatter tells Alice about the Red Queen who destroyed Wonderland and if Alice doesn't defeat the Jabberwocky, Red Queen will still have power. Hatter also keeps Alice safe when she first enters the new world.
The Hero passes the first Threshold
The Hero encounters Tests, Allies and Enemies
Alice finds herself having many challenges on the Red Queen's grounds. The most important one is to escape the Red Queen's castle safely. As all of these challenges come along, Alice becomes more logical, and even more inspired to defeat the Queen. Alice faces enemies like the queen's army, however, Alice makes many alliances with her most useful ally being the White Queen because she has many followers in Wonderland who are constantly helping out Alice.
Hero is introduced to Ordinary World
In Alice in Wonderland, the hero is Alice. Alice is an ambitious and fiery girl who is stuck in world of class and royalty. Alice is constantly scolded for being improper and she talks back when people say that about her. Alice feels like she is always being told what to do and how to do it. A man named Hamish asks Alice for her hand in marriage, and Alice does not wish to marry this man. With people watching as she is expected to accept marrying him, Alice decides she needs to get out of this situation fast!
The Call to Adventure
Alice needs an escape from the wedding proposal. Just then, she spots a strange looking rabbit, and runs after it. This rabbit is considered to be the herald. Alice follows the rabbit, and she ends up falling down a rabbit hole.
The Hero seizes the award
Alice defeated the Red Queen's champion. The White Queen regained power of Wonderland. The White Queen banished the Red Queen, and finally, the land is at peace once again. Because Alice defeated the Jabberwocky, she felt like she was needed somewhere, and the creatures of Wonderland truely appreciated her. She felt like she was able to decide for herself to fight, and she made the right decision.
The Road Back
Alice faces one very last challenge after she wins the battle. She now must say goodbye to the creatures of Wonderland. She finds it very hard saying goodbye to Hatter because she won't remember him after she leaves. Now feeling like she can do anything, she tells Hatter there is no way she can forget him. This shows that Alice is now prepared to face going home, and not hiding anymore in this unknown land.
Resurrection / Rebirth
Alice goes back home, and she finds herself able to turn down marriage. Because of her journey, Alice can decide for her own, and not only live to please everyone. Alice's experiences in Wonderland made Alice her own person. Other people seem to think that Alice now appears as a strong, determined girl.
Return with the Elixir
Now that Alice has decided to be her own person, she presents her sense of adventure in wanting to sail and trade with China. Alice talks to a man who used to work with her father and they figure out trade routes. The idea seems crazy, but Alice knows she is capable of doing anything. This sense of adventure and belief in herself makes Alice strive to trade with other countries to help the people of her own.
The Hero reaches the Innermost Cave
The threshold guardian in the innermost cave is that dreaded Jabberwocky. In order to have the White Queen regain power, the Jabberwocky must be dead. The battle day arrives and it will be difficult because the fate of Wonderland lies in the outcome of the battle. The Jabberwocky appears to be much more powerful than Alice, and she must defeat it on her own.
The Hero ensures the Supreme Ordeal
The Jabberwocky is released and the battle begins. This battle is a matter of life or death for Alice, but also for Wonderland if the Red Queen isn't defeated. At this point of the movie, Alice believes that anything is possible. She is brave, strong, tough, and open to the idea that she can slay this monster. Alice's challenges along the way prepared her for this moment because she has the mind set that she can do anything.
The Mad Hatter gets captured by the Red Queen's army and Alice is forced to act as a follower of the Red Queen in order to save Hatter. Alice see's that in this new world, all creatures fear the Red Queen, and they are all constantly on guard. When Alice enters the Red Queen's castle, she realizes how terrible the queen really is, and this inspires Alice to fight the battle to save Wonderland. This experience to save Hatter makes Alice more aware of the problems Red Queen has caused.
In Alice in Wonderland,
Alice exemplifies the
contemporary struggles
Alice represents the
archetypal hero.
After her journey, Alice has grown into a more mature young woman. She will never forget her experiences in Wonderland, and the obstacles she had to endure. Wonderland symbolizes all the different changes that one undergoes through childhood to adulthood, and how confusing it can be the first time. Alice was thrown into a world where nothing made sense, and she had to make sense of it for herself. Is this not how things work in the real world? Is this not how things are for someone the first time they leave home and must depend on themselves? We all will go through it, we all have to learn how to survive in a new world on our own, and we all come away from the journey a new person, with all of our new knowledge. This is the same for Alice. Her adventure in Wonderland taught her many new things, and helped her to grow.
Hatter represents the
The mentor can be anyone who offers invaluable advice and guidance to the protagonist. Sometimes, the mentor trains the protagonist or provides essential tools that will be necessary for the protagonist to successfully resolve the main story conflict. Hatter provides Alice knowledge, since he seems so wise and caring of Wonderland. He gives Alice a reason to toughen up and be willing to help Wonderland.
http://www.divineparadox.com/arts archetypes_on_the_path.htm
of youth in this post-modern
movie through conflict
against the customs of society
and eventually develops
into a significant
and brave
White Queen
The White Queen represents the

The White Queen represents the good because she is the opposite of the Red Queen and stands for what is right. She always tries to find a way around violence, trying to make up with her sister - The Red Queen - before going into battle. An example of her good virtue is her oath not to harm a living creature.
The White Queen also inspires the hero because she is the reason Alice follows through with fighting the Jabberwocky. Alice is inspired by the story on how she lost her crown and is willing to risk her life to get it back.
archetypal inspiration.
The Queen of Hearts always seems to be angry, if not with one thing, but another.In addition, she never seems to be content, and sometimes it's like she is looking for reasons to be angry. For example, when one of her frogs ate a tart she had is head removed.
Violence is a major componet of the Queens castle. An example would be her instinctive intolerance for anything that displeases her and her solution is always "Off with your head!"
With violence, ther must be alot of blood, especially with all the beheading occuring in her castle. When referring to the Red Queen, the hatter likes to use the phrase "down with the bloody red queen."
Although all of Wonderland seems fairly disorderly,The Red Queen's Castle constains what seems to be the most disorderly. With her monkey as table legs and pigs as foot stools and frogs as butlers, the Red Queens castle has a sort of disorder that is slightly cruel and inhumane.
With her tendency to remove heads of all the people who displease her , the Red Queen as a lot of death in her castle. The Red Queen seems to see death as way to solve all of her problems.
The Red Queen
In the movie, the White Queen obviously represents the good and the Red Queen represents evil. The White Queen embodies genuine goodness in all she does, and its an obvious contrast to the Red Queen's evil ways.
All the White Queen wants is peace and that is the whole purpose of Alice's journey - to achieve peace. She prefers not using violence, and desperately tries to talk things through. She wants things to end well with her sister, but knows they won't so she locks her away to maintain peace.
The White Queen is the ultimate image of purity. She never harms a thing and she is helpful and kind to everybody she meets. She has a pure heart, with only the desire to do good.
The White Queen
Alice fulfills her journey for the truth that she knows is worth fighting for. As a result of this, she knows that the White Queen truthfully deserves the crown.
Alice is a young and virtually innocent of any crime, hence why she shies away from the idea of killing the Jabberwocky because she doesnt like to kill things.
Alice displays bravery and courage throught the duration of the movie. She hardly ever shows fear and her bravery get her through some of her biggest obstacles.
The Chesire Cat represents the
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