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Inside Out

Telling the story in 12 panels.

Laura Steinman

on 30 July 2015

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Transcript of Inside Out

This is Joy.
She is the very first emotion that Riley felt. Joy is the only one who can make Riley experience happiness.

This is Sadness, she makes Riley cry, grieve, and get upset. The other emotions don't let her do too much, they all just want what's best for Riley.
And Fear.
Everything is good in Riley's life, and then...
They move.
The emotions do everything they can to help Riley see the good sides of moving...
New happy memories...
Still a hockey team,
Different places to explore and a new school to learn at.
But Riley isn't happy,
she's confused,
and wants to go home more than anything.
Unable to help herself, Sadness touches one of Riley's core memories, and turns it sad, instead of happy.
What have you done?
I didn't mean to... I'm sorry.
Quite by accident, Joy and Sadness were sucked out of Head Quarters, and dumped into the hundreds or rows of memories.
We're not in HQ's anymore...
Without Joy, Riley cannot feel happy.
And without Sadness, she can't feel sad.
We have to do something.
Oh dear...
I know how to fix this...
We need Riley to go back home so she can make new core memories.
We need to run away.
As Riley tries to escape her new, unwanted life,
Joy and Sadness are trying as hard as they can to get back hone.
Riley's about to leave on bus for good.
And, suddenly, the emotions have no control over her. They've realized their mistake but they can't fix it.
I can't help her.
Then, Joy realizes that if anger, happiness, disgust, and even fear can't bring Riley home, that sadness must be able too.
Because sometimes sad memories, are just as important as the happy ones.
You are the only one who can save Riley!
I don't know... Every time I do something she gets upset.
Please Sadness... just try.
By making Riley miss her parents...
the emotions could make her return home.
And being sad, was what would help Riley become happy again the most.
Just keep alllll the sadness in this circle.
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