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Copy of Characterization

No description

Jessica Sental

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Characterization

What is
Characterization is the way an
author reveals a character to
the audience.
Types of characterization:
1. Direct Characterization
2. Indirect Characterization
What is
Direct Characterization
* The author
the reader about
a character.
* Character traits are stated directly.
Example of
direct characterization:

Sam was a
What is a
character trait?
An adjective that describes a character.
Indirect Characterization
* Instead of directly telling us about a character,
the author makes us
what kind of person he/she is based on
* The author
a character through the following:
What people LOOK like can give us information about them, such as their age, interests, or economic status.
We have to be cautious not to make too many assumptions based on appearance, however. As in "The Landlady", appearances can be deceiving!
* What a character says
* What characters say ABOUT
each other
Thoughts and Feelings!
The author reveals a character's inner thoughts and emotions
This is called a character's internal monologue (when a character talks to herself in her mind)
* Motivation is WHY a character behaves a certain way.
* To determine motivation, it's important to consider a character's background (his or her past experiences).
THINK: What significant events happened in a character's past? How do these events shape the character's goals in the present?
Now watch a video clip and try to write down
at least
character traits that are told to us
direct characterization
We can tell a lot about a character
based on what they DO.
How does the following video clip show internal monologue?
Character Types- Flat and Round
A flat character is a minor character that we do not know much about.
A round character is typically a main character in that the reader has exposure to the character's thoughts, feelings, motives, and the like.
Flat and Static Characters
Character Types: Static and Dynamic
Static characters do not change either because they do not want to change or nothing forces them to change. Flat characters are almost always also static characters
Dynamic characters experience change over the course of the novel. This change may be prompted by the character or by another outside force.
Round and Dynamic Characters
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