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No description

yaroslav vorobey

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of wellness

Physical help others Every week me and my family go somewhere to spend time together. Hang out with my friends. By making up time to spend time with family and friends helps having better interections with them. Spending time with friends helps to have better communication between each other. Everyday I recycle bottles and cans to make the world a better place. By cleaning around are keeps the area around you clean. Having these skilld will help to have better air pollution, ultraviolet radiation in the sunlight, chemicals, noise, water pollution, and second-hand smoke. Having doing these things around make you a better person and shows how I care about our world. Environmental I usually keep my emotions to myself and sometimes i would ask advice from my parents or my other family members but i dont do it much. Mostly i deal my emotions by myself but in some cases i ask advice from my parents. I like to ask advice from my friends too because they can help sometimes better then family members. Emotianal I do muy homewrk mostly evryday to succeed in school and also to gain my knowledge skills. I always ask question whenever i dont understand something. Its important to ask questions because it helps to understand more about the things you learn. im always open to learning new skills in life becasue that will help me to be more successful in school and in my own life. Intellectual This project is important to me because it helps me to balance my life and the project will help me to balance my life by 6 wellness, which you already know what they are. I chose this model beacause it has many different designs on it and its easier to use. Why is this project important? my wellness Each day I eat vegetables and helps me to build up my strength. Also I exercise everyday so I can keep my body healthy. In order for me to exercise I need anough sleep so I have energy to move. By doing these steps, you have to gain your responsibility for your own health care. Getting ill takes time to get to perfect shape. When being sick medical attention is needed for your body. For me I always get medical attention either from my doctor or from my parents.You need to be able to monitor your own vital signs and understand your body's warning signs. I visit a doctor once evry two months to see if im healthy. exercising Vegetables sleeping medical attention Spiritual I volunteer in the libraries in order to help other people to understand what they're doing. I Go to church every sunday in order for me to understand my beliefs. Helping others helps to gain respect from other people and having help back in return. going church Social friends family recycle bottles and cans clean around area Spiritual Church is impoortant place to go to. I go to church every week on sunday with my family. I go to church in order for me to understnd my beliefs in God. Also i pray for my family and who needs help. I volunteer to help people so they can understand what they are doing. Caring about others will make you be a better person and you will have same in return. How can I improve I would set out a time schedule when to do these things. How can I improve Instead of just going to church every sunday I would go some other day during the week. How can i improve I would set up a time frame to see when to spend time with my famly. How can I improve I would clean around area more because that will help me to be more responsible person. How can I improve I would ask for advice from my parents more often when needed because that will help to be more successful at school and my life. How can I improve I want to improve on more on being open minded because that will help me to be more interactive with other people.
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