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acmASCIS History

No description

fatma salem

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of acmASCIS History

acmASCIS Floppy Disk ! 2002/2003 From where did " ASCIS" come ? 2000/2001 - 2001/2002 Wael Khalifa(president) Mohamed Fawzy Abd El Aziz(vice) Mahmoud El Sayed “ASCIS” from the ASCII code and Ain Shams, Computer and Information Sciences Hussein Mahana 2003/2004
Then came Mohamed Abdelrahman (MAK) and Abdullah Gamal (who becam a TA for a while) and now both of them work in Microsoft.

Then came Yasser Rehan 2005/2006
Wael Elgayar
Joined ACM as a member in 2003
Active member in 2004
General secretary in 2005
President in 2006 2006/2007 achieved the best rank for the chapter in the recent years when he came 4th in the regionals along with Abdallah Gamal and Mostafa Elmasrawy Haytham Alaa (now works in Microsoft) 2007/2008 Alaa Shaker Roaa Mohamed
Vice-President 2008/2009 Abdallah Hassan 2009/2010 Abdelrahman Elogeel (Zikas) 2010/2011 Muhamed Hesham 2011/2012 Amr Mahdi What’s CS? Moalemona ESD 2.0 Treasure Hunt 2.0 AI for dummies Introduction to Ubuntu Excellence Award ACM Crossroads magazine 2012/ 2013 Amr Ahmed Elroumy --------------------------
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