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Media Coursework Evaluation

No description

Christopher Wilkinson

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Media Coursework Evaluation

Media Coursework Evaluation Layers colours and fonts Conventions Social Groups Pictures involving actions
Bright colours used
Simliar fonts are used in all the 'NME' magazines
My layout is different in the sense that it is very simple wheras 'NME' is quite congested.
Here is how my picture for my front cover started and how it ended after i edited it using adobe photoshop
Black and White pictures challenge convention
Classy but fun effect

Picture on my contents page allows the indie social group to relate to the magazine
Clothes worn relate to the audience as they too wear the clothes as the same people in the picture
All pictures throughout my magazine represent this.
Distribution of my music magazine This is a great place for the magazine to be sold as everyone who enters the shop already has an interest for music so there’s a lot of potential for customers. Also it could be sold in the ‘Indie’ section of the shop. Concerts - This is a good place for it to be sold as all the people that are at the concert already have an interest in the type of music in the magazine and are dedicated to it as they go to live events. •Newsagents - This is one of the main distributions of music magazines and covers all genres as all types of social groups go into newsagents on a daily basis. Also people who want to regularly buy the magazine can get the newsagent to hold them a copy on the day of a new release so this is a good place to distribute my music magazine. •Internet Stores (e.g. Amazon and play.com) The sales on the internet are rapidly increasing and this is an easy way for customers to buy my magazine in the comfort of their own home and they can even get it delivered to them. Audience Age range between 16-21
Questionnaire helped me to create a specific age to target.
Used a lot of pictures and kept it simple
Clothes are bought from places such as 'TOPMAN'

Language I used colloquial language throughout e.g. "lads"

Words like "bruv" and "blud" wouldnt have fitted in with the genre That Fits in more with the hip hop genre Learning progress Contents page done using publisher.
Doesnt look proffesional
very boring
basic but not simplistic Then i learned how to use adobe photoshop With adobe photoshop you can do so much more. Here you can see all the tools Front cover created by using publisher is very poor
Clearly doesnt look like a magazine front cover that you would see in a shop. Christopher Wilkinson Final Product Big improvement from my preliminary task
Photoshop was much better and advnaced than publisher
Looks proffesional
Kept simple
Everything from text to pictures have been edited to my liking.
Big improvement on my old contnents page
Picture - used to entertain readers and so that they can relate
Logo - Logo was added to the contents page aswel due to the magazine being new. Establishing the logo to make it recognisable
colours - kept with the red and yellow text theme that you can also see in the front cover and double page spread.
fonts - same fonts are also used through out to keep the consistency and theme of the magazine. Colour - Again the theme is kept consistent with the use of a black and white background with yellow and red text.
picture - edited to how i want it to look. Audience can relate to the band member.
Kept the simplistic look to make it look professional and put more emphasis on the picture despite the black and white effect.

This is how my logo looked after I edited it using photoshop. To create the rough barbed wire look i used the lasso tool to erase parts of the logo.
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