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Marketing Presentation (c)

No description

Jeffrey Nadera

on 6 July 2014

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Transcript of Marketing Presentation (c)

San Miguel Corporation: The Magnolia Group
Corporate Background
Operations &
Magnolia, Inc.

1899 - William J. Schober introduced Magnolia pie, Magnolia Ice Cream and Magnolia Ice-Drop
1925 - He sold Magnolia to San Miguel Corp.
San Miguel Corp. and New Zealand Dairy Board joint force.

Strengthen market dominance
generate higher profits
To ensure that our products are of uncompromising quality and easily within reach.
To be the Filipino company that nurtures families worldwide.
To intimately understand our consumers, winning their hearts by providing-tasting and innovative products and services that anticipate and respond to their needs.
Strengths & Weaknesses
Magnolia was acquired by Nestle.
San Miguel Corporation (which owned Magnolia before Magnolia merged with Nestle) sold Magnolia, primarily because of two reasons: San Miguel was suffering the Asian financial crisis, and Magnolia lost its position as the country's leading ice cream company to Selecta.
Old Magnolia House
& Threats
Low market share
Low % of market sold
Weakened economy
Too many products
High interest rate & inflation
High R&D
Online growth
Strong management team
Strong brand equity
Supply chain
Reputation management
Variety of treats & flavors
Presented by:
Nathalie Mauban, Crizel Mendoza, Gladilyn Merin, Jennelyn Mirandilla, and Jeffrey Nadera

Trusted brand
Strategic alliances
Emerging markets and expansion abroad
Product and services expansion

Economic slowdown
External changes (government, politics, taxes, etc)
Exchange rate fluctuations
Price wars
Competitive Analysis
Customers are impulse buyers
Choose based on flavor or fondness of brand
Majority eat ice cream at home as snack
Older generations have a fondness for the brand
Younger generations interested in imported products

Customer Analysis
San Miguel’s marketing strategy for Magnolia Ice Cream is to “strengthen market dominance and translate it into higher profits.
1. Focus on consumer’s driving force: impulse buying
2. Expanding capacity to meet market demand
3. Attaining international quality standards

Company Outlook
Magnolia's all-new Sta. Rosa Ice Cream Plant is now operational
Alternative #1
Allow foreign partnership
(with Nestle, Häagen-Dazs or Mars)
Alternative #2
Buy out a competitor
(example: Selecta, the biggest threat)
Alternative #3
Launch new marketing campaign
Strategic Issue
How to maintain its competitive dominance in this rapidly changing industry.
It is the cornerstone of Magnolia's legacy in making the finest ice cream in Philippine history.
A symbol of Magnolia's commitment to provide families with products and services of superior quality and excellent taste.
A showcase of the best equipment and technology in ice cream production...
Home to highly-driven individuals dedicated to continue making Magnolia Ice Cream a world class name and an integral part of the Filipino's rich heritage.
It is a testament to San Miguel Pure Foods Company's core purpose of nourishing and nurturing families worldwide.
Magnolia Ice Cream. Only the Best will do.

We are committed to provide you with only the best quality products through constant research using only the best available technology. Magnolia ensures that the tradition to make each meal a delight will continue to live on.
Thank you for watching and listening :))
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