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My Digital Personal Learning Environment

A Prezi to show how I use the digital resources around me to enhance my learning.

Chris Wilkinson

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of My Digital Personal Learning Environment

My digital Personal Learning Environment University Resources Facebook Social Networks Social networks are primarily a hinderance to online learning, as they provide a huge source of procrastination. However they do have their benefits. Facebook is a social networking site whereby users create a profile, from which they can view other peoples profiles, photos, or status updates. Learning: Messaging system, which I recently used for a wiki in BMSC 1214.
Useful - Share messages between multiple people. Enables collaboration between a group, to organise a project. Forums Websites made up of discussion boards.

Useful to post a question as members will quickly get back to you with answers. Google NHS Youtube New Scientist The portal provides links to:
Leeds for Life - A careers section.
Online Library
And the best part... the VLE. Lecture slides
Exam Results
Practice Questions
Background reading
Revision Summaries Youtube is an online video sharing website.
It is useful as it can provide a more interesting way to view learning resources, instead of just reading a textbook. Wikipedia and& Medpedia These are online encyclopedias that can be edited by anyone.
This means that the information can't be trusted or referenced, but does provide a very quick and easy way to research a topic, such as a medical condition or diagnostic technique. enables me to search for... Journals/Other websites Journals are a useful source of information as they are more likely to be factually accurate and without bias as they are written for the scientific community. The NHS Website provides a general outline of medical conditions.
It is especially useful when wanting to find out about related topics, or further reading.
It is useful at the start of research, to get an overview and understanding of a condition before looking elsewhere for more detail. Brainstem, Brainstem! Provides useful images that illustrate a point in an essay or lab report.
It is also very simple and quick, with no subscription required.
It also provides links to the original sources, for referencing. Access to online books. Useful for references. Student Consult Student consult is a wesbite that allows you to register your textbooks, so you can access them online. A scientific magazine that gives good detail on medical illnesses and an insight into current research.
Also useful as it helps me to keep up to date with current developments, and allows me to think about what I might want to after university. Preventing this! Thank you!
Chris Wilkinson.
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