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Elements in Electronics

No description

on 22 September 2015

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Transcript of Elements in Electronics

Idium, Tin, and oxide used to make electricity to transfer to the screen.
The elements inside of the casing of an Iphone are Magnesium, Carbon, Bromine, and Nickel. Magnesium compounds are alloyed to make some phone cases, while many are made of plastic. Plastics also include flame compounds, some of which contain bromine.
Batteries in smart phones have many different elements in them such as Lithium (Li), Cobalt (Co), Carbon (C), Aluminum (Al) and Oxygen (O). Each of these element play a pretty big role in the battery of theses smart phones. Lithium cobalt oxide is used as the positive charge in the battery as carbon is used as the negative charge. Although sometimes Manganese (Mn) is used in stead of cobalt. The Aluminum is used for the casing of the battery
Copper is used for wiring in electronics, whilst copper, gold and silver are the main metals from which microeletrical components are fashioned. Nickel is used in the microphone as well as for other electrical connections.
Elements in Electronics
By. Nick De Rugama, Mazen Shaar, Garrett Gower, Derek Tafoya, Jared Reeder
The glass is one of the main pieces of a smartphone. It is made with aluminosillicate. Aluminosillicate is made up of allumina and sillica. The glass contains potassium ions which makes the screen strong.
Rare earth elements are used in smartphones in quantities to create color. Other compounds are used to deflect UV light.The rare earth metals are found on the bottom of the periodic table.
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