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Technology Integration

No description

Laine Eichenlaub

on 4 May 2017

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Transcript of Technology Integration

Adding Technology to your Classroom isn't expensive or difficult!
Learn the new 2016 ISTE Standards for Students
Get Certified as a Google Educator
Technology Integration
Helpful Tips from
ISTE 2016

Apps & Websites to Enhance Your Classroom
Virtual Reality
Creative Production
This is a lot of information,
but don't be daunted

We ask our students to try new things without being afraid to fail, so I challenge you to try a few of these tools as a form of exploration.
Maybe one of them may change the way one of your lesson plans works or the entire organization of your units
You won't know until you try!
How can you prepare?
Beyond Powerpoint
Discussion, Collaboration, & Research
Pear Deck
Smithsonian Learning Lab
Training all free online
Teaches how to integrate Google apps into any classroom
$10 certification for Level 1, $25 certification for Level 2 (valid for 2 years)
Take Presentations to the Next Level
Visually stunning and organized presentations
Video play within the presentation
Editable and viewable on iPad and iPhone for easy collaboration

Animated and professional presentation
Music, characters, and voice over ability
$8/mo for 30 students accounts or $16/mo for 90 or $20/mo for individual account (free two-day trial)
Visitation already has a subscription
Ability to monitor all screens
Polls, drawing, and more within presentation for each student
Saves entire presentation with student's individual additions to their drive.
A free app to enhance presentations
Acts as a video presenting tool: A video of the student is taken while they are discussing the slides and it is saved as a video
An amazing tool for absent students or flipped classrooms
Scan the QR Code for the link to this presentation with an app on your smartphone

If you don't have the app, here's a shortened URL: http://goo.gl/7aPf4X

Learn from Others
Collaborative and multimedia friendly online bulletin board
Compatible with computer and phone
Free for 30 day trial, $5/mo
Create multimedia presentations
Have students post on class board and receive feedback from one another (liking and comments like Facebook)
Can save and export files and keep private or public
Links seamlessly with Google Apps
Completely free

Have access to the digitized collection of the Smithsonian
Create collections to present with museum sources
Completely free, launched this June
Create lesson plans and tests within collections
Collaborate with other educators and museum staff
Have access to news from around the world
Augment reading level of text
Some articles available in Spanish translation
Pricing available for school or district, some features are free
Amazing graphic design with almost everything free
Easy to use to have students create beautiful fliers or for you to make finished and professional additions to presentations or classroom decoration
Highly customizable storytelling through comics
Ability to change figure posistion, facial expression, props, background, etc.
Easy to use and professional quality
Pricing available per classroom ($8/mo) or for entire school (roughly $1.75/yr per student)
Virtual Reality for the classroom
Free apps coming out constantly for films, animation, games, YouTube videos, and tours of famous location and exploration of the universe
Compatible with any phone
Allows students to be interactive with the visual environment
Absolutely mind blowing how engaging this is
Can work individually or be tied to the class for a guided tour
Unlimited possibilities

Created by Laine Eichenlaub
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