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Pitch Perfect

Leadership Aspects

Taylor Whittlesey

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Pitch Perfect

Brief Story Line
Beca is a freshmen in college and she's more concerned about becoming a DJ rather than school or extracurricular activities. Her dad encourages her to try a year of school on his dime and to get involved in something on campus. As long a she made a genuine effort to do this, and still did not want to be on campus; her dad promised to help her pursue her career aspirations to become a DJ. Beca eventually decides to try out for the ‘Barden Bellas'; an a cappella group on campus. Through the ups and downs with the Bellas, Beca finds her voice and how to use her talents in new creative ways to aid in bonding and unifying her team.
Boy Characters
Lessons Learned
Anna Kendrick-Beca
Skylar Astin-Jesse
Ben Platt-Benji
Brittany Snow-Chloe
Anna Camp-Aubrey
Rebel Wilson-Fat Amy
Alexis Knapp-Stacie
LMX Leader
The Big 5 (Traits):
Conceptual/Human Skill Approach
Impoverished Leader (Blake & Mouton)
Laissez-Faire Situation (Tannenbaum & Schmidt)
Theory X Leader
12 Abuses of Authority
Likeable characters
New Ideas
Sincerity for people
Genre-Comedy, Musical, Romance
Ester Dean-Cynthia Rose
Hana Mae Lee-Lilly
Kelley Jakle-Jessica
Wanetah Walmsley-Denise
Shelley Regner-Ashley
Caroline Fourmy-Mary Elise
Nicole Lovince-Kori
Adam DeVine-Bumper
Major Actors:

4 Factors of Transformational Leadership

Factor 1 - Idealized Influence
Factor 2- Inspirational Motivation
Factor 3- Intellectual Stimulation
Factor 4- Individualized Consideration
Factor 2 - Inspirational Motivation
*Uses people as tools,
*Doesn't check self
*Enjoys no real relationship
*Eliminates opposition
Creates In-Groups & Out-Groups
Transition from a “leader-centered group” to a “group-centered group”
Jacob, Austyn, Kaitlyn, Taylor
Bass's Leadership Continuum
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