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measuring Temperature

No description

Ahmed Hussein

on 4 September 2016

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Transcript of measuring Temperature

Thank You!
G.R We can't measure temp. by touching
Bec. Touching help to find object hot or cold but can't measure
How can we use the medical thermometer?
1. Sterilize the medical thermometer using alcohol.

2.Dry it well using a paper tissue.

3. Shake the thermometer well to let the mercury goes back to the bulb.
4.Put the thermometer under the tongue for a minute.
5.Get it out & record the reading.
6.Sterilize the thermometer using ethyl alcohol& put it in its box
Types of Thermometer
Medical thermometer : It consists of :
1. A transparent glass tube.
2. A capillary tube filled with mercury
3. A constriction above the bulb.
To prevent the mercury to go to the bulb so we can read the temperature.
The thermometer scale starts from 35 degree C to 42 degree C
every degree is divided into 10 parts.
Medical thermometer :
It is used to measure the temperature of the human body.
Scale = graduation
Give reasons:
1- The medical thermometer must be kept out of the reach of children.
Because the mercury inside it is toxic
2-We must shake the medical thermometer before using it
To let the mercury to go back to the bulb

3- We must sterilize the thermometer before and after using it
To kill germs and microbes

4-We must not press on the thermometer strongly by our teeth
Bec. mercury is poison – toxic

5-We sterilize the thermometer by alcohol and not by boiling water
Because mercury expand and the thermometer is broken down

6-The graduation of the clinical thermometer is from 35 0C to 42 0C
Because the normal temperature of the human body is 37C and it cannot
be less than 35C or more than 42 0C

7-We cannot depend on our sense of touch when measuring temperature
Bec. Touching help to find object hot or cold but can't measure temp. accurat
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It is too Hot today!
Mr.Ahmed Elbasha
Measuring Temperature
Define: Thermometer
It is a device used to measure the temperature
Experiment :
1. Fill half of a bottle with equal quantities of water & ethyl alcohol.
2. Add some drops of red color & stir.
3. Put a straw in the bottle.
4.Put the bottle in a warm place, under a lamp.
5.Mark the liquid level.
Observation :
The level of the water rises in the straw.

Conclusion :
The idea of the thermometer is:
Changing the volume of the liquid by changing the
Mr.Ahmed Elbasha
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