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phrasal verb

No description

vu van trang

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of phrasal verb

Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 3 Goal Start I wasn't very hungry so I just ... my food These are the rules, each 5 persons standing up
must make a paragragh
from our 3 PV, the one that has the weirdest
sentence of all 4
gets a piece of candy for that crazy sentence. Finally, we will have our recap

Firstly, the efficent way to learn PV:

1.3 PV/ day, don’t think this is too few, you will be sursprised at how hard it will be to rmember what you have leanrt.
2.The PVs in the same day need ordering in a stunning sentence.
3.The PVs in the same week need ordering in topics, there are two ways to arrange them:
a)PVs go with the same prepositions
b)PVs go with the same aspect of life ( technology, housework, office…)
4. Recap what you’ve learnt yesterday, and 2 days ago./ in order to remember PV
make some crazy stories from the words
(don't look throught your notebook) Susan only has 15 minutes to eat lunch so she .... really fast. FOOD Phrasal verb 1.egg

Let’s image:
You are holding a hot egg when you leave home.Be interested in the beauty of this egg,you accidentially make a small spot on it.Suddenly,a bull appears with two horns: one looks like a spoon, the other is covered with clothes.when you try shaking the spoon, you hit a girl who is wearing a bikini. She smells very attractive,like purfume. FOR EXAMPLE:a list for shopping Jamie had been on a diet all week,
so during the weekend she .... on
fast food. He .... a great dinner when we got back

scarf down: to eat your food very quickly
/skɑːrf daʊn/
Susan only has 15 minutes to eat lunch so she scarfs it down really fast.
dish up
/dɪʃ ʌp/
to serve a big meal
He dished up a great dinner when we got back.
pick at
/pɪk ət/
to eat unwillingly
I wasn't very hungry so I just picked at my food.
knock back
to drink or swallow (an alcohol drink) quickly
The pub was closing so we knocked our drinks back and left.
pig out (on)
/pɪg aʊt (ɒn)/

to eat a lot of food at one time
Jamie had been on a diet all week, so during the weekend he pigged out on fast food.
cut down (on)
/kʌt daʊn/
to consume less
I'm trying to cut down on the amount of coffee I drink during the day.
eat up
/i:t ʌp/
to eat all of something The pub was closing so we ... our drinks ...and left. I'm trying to ... on the amount of coffee I drink during the day. That cake looks delicious, I want to .... Now, let’s move to the Speaking section

In this section, you will learn how to remember a small number of Phrasal Verbs quickly but hardly to forget them.
Let me show you. Let's play a funny game Listen to a short conversation and find out the phrasal verbs
It's very easy so try to get some candies
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