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Midwest IDSA Conference: Story telling

No description

Ashley Greene

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Midwest IDSA Conference: Story telling

2010 IDSA Midwest Conference It takes 3 components to tell a story through design: 1. communication 2. using insights 3. implementation form strong, diverse teams design with use in mind creating the story Why collaborate? immediate feedback & ideation provides everyone context for the project view your team as a tribe collaboration fills in the blind spots to understand everyone’s perspective feedback gets people invested beware the alternative! to understand your audience Helps you understand cultural differences design is NOT completely focus group-driven! DANGERS of ignoring the user not evolving delivering an inauthentic message not recognizing the next generation Really get to know the brand, it’s just as important as the user User insights do generate successful products, but... ...when one user’s view becomes limited, talk to somebody else. In addition, don’t just listen to the user, live/observe the experience "We live in an era of AUTHENTICITY that
celebrates the CRAFTSMAN
and promotes THINKING & DOING."
-Oved Valadez, Ziba Design goal of design: achieve an emotional response
or reaction from user "It’s not about getting it done, it’s about getting it right"
-Steve Baumann, Trek Bicycle Give context for decisions be an advocate for the user be an expert frame styling references in a strategic context gain approval from within Focus on what’s important -maintain benefit if you can’t get the feature -if implementation is a benefit, don’t let go! hold on to project until they make you let go! Don’t just create a product, create a total user experience Design for specific users and others will follow Understand your restrictions process, manufacturing, market limit color pallette to maintain consistency sometimes you push boundaries restrictions may be analogous to research Harley-Davidson Levi's American Apperal Trek Bicycle Examples:
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