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Jack the Ripper

No description

Erin Stegman

on 28 March 2015

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Transcript of Jack the Ripper


Who is Aaron Kosminski?
Born in1865 in Poland
When Aaron is admitted into Colney Hatch Asylum in 1891 a Jacob Cohen is recorded saying he had "not attempted any kind of work for years."
With sporadic or no employment during the time of the murders Aaron had ample opportunity.
Aaron Kosminski
Jack the Ripper
By: Erin Stegman
Sam Kitch
Gabby Garcia-Huff
Pablo Guss

February 24 1891
- Police take Kosminski from brother's house to Seaside Home. He held overnight at the Jewish Convalescent Hospital

February 26 1891
- Kosminski is returned to his brother's house but remains under close watch by police.

March 2 1891
- Upper echelons of Scotland Yard Police become more convinced of Kosminski's guilt.

13 April 1894
-Kosminski is described as ‘demented & incoherent.’

: Kosminski is first suggested to the public as a possible suspect in the Macnaghten Memoranda

24 March 1919
-Kosminski dies at Leavesden Asylum

Kosminski's father dies, serving as possible breaking point for Kosminski.

12 -15 July 1890
: Kosminski is identified by a witness at the Seaside home during his first fit of insanity. Following this, Kosminski was watched by the City Police for 6 months.

: Is arrested for insanity with suspicion related to the Whitechapel murders

February 1891
: Kosminski is admitted to Colney Hatch Asylum

February 23 1891
- Having been reported by his family, police search records from 1888 house-to-house search that identified Kosminski as suspicious in his Goulston Street residence.

February 6 1891
-Dr. Edmund King Houchin of 23 High Street, Stepney, examines him at the workhouse. Kosminski was declared of unsound mind ‘and a proper person to be taken charge of and detained under care and treatment.’

Aaron Kosminski was identified quickly - within approximately a year of the last "canonical" murder - as a leading candidate for being the ripper. He fit many, if not all of the regular profiles for a killer. He had also been accused by many detectives of attacking his own sister with a knife, and practicing "solitary vices" in their presence.
London journalist, George Sims, states that, "he had at one point worked at a Polish hospital" (Nelson).
Said to work as a junior surgeon or feldscher (field surgeon) before coming to England
When using geographical profiling, that is drawing the smallest circle that encompasses the location of all the victims, Kosminski's residence was known to be close to the center of where all 5 canonical murders occured.
"Casebook: Jack the Ripper - Aaron Kosminski
Reconsidered." Casebook: Jack the Ripper - Aaron Kosminski Reconsidered. Web. 15 Mar. 2015.
"When I stated that the murderer was a Jew, I was stating a simple matter of fact. It is not a matter of theory." -Robert Anderson CID Assistant Commissioner
Immigrated to England anywhere from 1880-1882
Lived with his two sisters at 3 Sion Square and/or 16 Greenfield Street when arriving in England.
Was employed periodically as a hairdresser but otherwise no known employment.
In 1885 he was described as suffering from mental problems
Had multiple encounters and periods of confinement in insane asylums from the years of 1890-1894 until he was eventually placed permanently in Leavesden Asylum for Imbeciles
"Kosminski" is mentioned several times in the casenotes of several detectives
Considered the top suspect of Assistant Chief Constable, Melville Macnaghten, and Inspector Donald Swanson who headed the Whitechapel Murder Investigation
JTR described as approximately 30, 5'7", and with a moustache
Colney Hatch Asylum
Suffered from schizophrenia which caused him both visual and auditory hallucinations
a witness for his certification, Jacob Cohen, described him as "dirty, idle, eating bread out of gutters, refusing food, and incoherent."
"Was Jack the Ripper a Polish Barber Named
Aaron Kosminski?" Whitechapel Jack. 8 Sept. 2014. Web. 24 Mar. 2015.
Ripper Victims
31 August 1888
Mary Ann Nichols

8 September 1888

Annie Chapman

30 September 1888
Elizabeth Stride

30 September 1888
Catherine Eddowes

9 November 1888

Mary Jane Kelly
Robert Andersonon on Kosminski: "[He was] a loathsome creature whose utterly unmentionable vices reduced him to a lower level than that of a brute."
*Ted Bundy also had this "inner dialogue" telling him what to do
First killing was due to a psychotic break, then the murder of Mary Kelly caused a complete mental break, which would explain the eating from gutters and incoherency
House, Robert. "Aaron Kosmonski Reconsidered." Ripperologist. Mar. 2005. Web. 20 March 2015.

Nelson, Scott. "Coles, Kosminski, and Levy - was there a Victim/Suspect/Witness Connection?" Ripperologist 2001. Web. 18 March 2015.

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