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Leadership presentation

No description

Leadership Kids

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Leadership presentation

Our leadership experience Our first fundraiser was a candy jar count.
We had the fundraiser for a week, and made 30 dollars. Not the greatest outcome. But we were persistant and we were quickly thinking of more ideas. But those ideas weren't enough. With
the devastation in Haiti... we were fighting for chance for fundraising. Our school had so many fundraisers, with the grade 8 grad coming up shortly, it was difficult to have an idea that was not already taken. What we should have done better
for the first fundraiser:
-Advertise more
-Take our time
-Had better presentation for our product.
After a couple weeks we were
ready to raise more money. We were
inside at last recess everyday coming up with ideas. We thought of change for chocolate, bake sale, candy store, easter eggs, basketball tournament, hot chocolate, license day, and pancake day. But all the ideas were already used or not available for our school because of allergies. We were running short on ideas and time!
Our second fundraiser was
a success from the begining. On our
first day we made $38.25. That
was more than we made in a whole
week with the candy count ! We had thought of another idea... FREEZIES! Our freezies were doing well, we average
was about $40 a day. And since business was booming we barely had time to take pictures. We were running out of time so we sold for 4 days. (we ended the fundraiser on last friday.)
Because of the theift in our school, we lost about $10 worth of freezies. Even though thats not alot it's still the money we can't donate. For the end result we made $191.47. Somehow we made an extra .47 ( no comment ). On Monday we rolled the money and missed math class = ) (Unfortunatly we still had homework!) In the end, it was great experience
and we're happy to hand over a cheque for
$220 Things we should have done better for the freezies
- Start earlier
- Be more organized
- Have more help
Well here are the pictures we managed to take. Our Guessing Stand The Information Cards The Winner of the candy jar Thanks for watching our presentation
about our leadership experience.

By Hayden and Brianne from Concord public school

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