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ENGB 213

No description

Baanu S

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of ENGB 213

ENGB 213 Proposal on UNITEN
website Current UNITEN website The Problem Overview Conclusion - What is a website

- How UNITEN website works

- The problem with UNITEN website

- Solution to fix the problem - as an official website - less attractive

- not very user friendly

- not interactive and creative

- positioning of info not organized - more interactive
- user friendly
- creative
- more menu options
- better layout
- make it multilingual
- - a good website attracts more users

- current website should be improvised
for long term usage

- quality and interactiveness should be
ensured - Presented by - ... THE EPIC ZENITH WARRIORS ... - Param - Shukri - Thalib -Aziera - Saidatul - Baanu Introduction - as an information hub - focuses on the courses offered - tailored for the view of public Solution Cost Estimation - - - THE END - - - web developer RM 2000 - RM 3000 graphic designer RM 2200 -RM 3500 advertisement fee RM 1197.80 domain renting RM 100 / year Total estimated cost = RM 6797.80
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