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Yoga and Emotion

A short overview of the Yoga and Emotion chapter in Motivation and Emotion: Improve your Life

Max King

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of Yoga and Emotion

Yoga and Emotion
How Does Yoga Influence Emotion?
Yoga influences emotion in two main ways, through physical effects, and emotional effects
Practical Application
How does yoga actually improve lives?
Relevant Theories
Some basic principles behind the ways that yoga can influence emotion
Mindfulness is a cognitive attribute that varies between people and can be fostered and encouraged
Awareness and attention
People who are more mindful have been seen to be more emotionally stable, have more control of their emotions and generally in more positive emotional states
Yoga is an ancient practice, found in Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism
Has been practiced for centuries
It has changed a lot from its original practices to the Western yoga that we know today
It involves relaxing the body and mind through a series of physical positions

What is Yoga?

A process of making a person aware of their body's processes
People who are more aware of their emotions and how their body is reacting to them are better able to control them
Too impractical for everyday use with yoga
But an important principle in understanding yoga's benefits
Stress Management
Excessive stress can cause health problems
People are more stressed than ever before
Being able to manage your own stress levels is a very useful skill
Yoga is excellent for the development of stress management skills
Physical exercise has long been related to well-being and positive emotional states
Is a healthier body the cause, or rather simply the positive feelings after exercise?
Either way, regular exercise is highly beneficial to psychological health
Exercise and Quality of Life
Physical Effects
Yoga improves physical condition
Reduces pains that cause negative emotions and reduce positive ones
Relaxes the body by lowering arousal
Also improves strength, flexibility and balance
Yoga has been seen to correlate with a generally more positive affect
Yoga practitioners are found to be better at responding to negative emotional stimuli
Regular practice can increase feelings of clarity, energy, self-confidence, and composure
Mindfulness is also developed through yoga practice
Emotional Effects
There are hundreds of unique types of yoga
Different types of yoga can have different benefits
Some focus more on the relaxing and meditative side of yoga (Satyananda & Hatha)
Others aim to improve physical condition (Ashtanga & Lyengar)
A combination of both aspects is seen to be the most beneficial
Different Types of Yoga
Cognitive improvements seen with regular yoga practice
Yoga can be the first step in a change towards a healthier lifestyle, leading to other activities that improve emotions
Other influences
The stress management skills yoga develops can reduce stress related illness
Emotional control is useful in everyone's lives
Mindfulness and improved cognitive skills can broaden critical thinking and logic
Personal Skills
A body that is practiced in relaxation is less likely to suffer from stress related illnesses
Yoga can increase performance abilities of almost every physical activity
A great form of exercise for people who find motivation difficult
Physical Health
Yoga is used to assist in treatment of many illnesses
Easy to perform and enjoyable, unlike many other treatments
Has shown to improve conditions of sufferers of PTSD, cancer, ADHD, epilepsy, arthritis, depression, schizophrenia and many other illnesses
Treating Illnesses
Give yoga a shot!
Thanks for Watching!

- All images and music used in this presentation were sourced from Wikimedia commons: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Main_Page

- For more information on yoga and emotion, please refer to the book chapter at: https://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/Motivation_and_emotion/Book/2013/Yoga_and_emotion
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