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King Thrushbeard

No description

Christian Slomba

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of King Thrushbeard

My presentation on
King Thrushbeard

Created By Christian Slomba

The setting of King Thrushbeard is in a medieval country. I can support this with evidence from the text like "Once the king gave a great feast and invited all the marriageable men from far and near. They were all lined up in order of rank; first came the kings, then the dukes, princes, counts, and barons, and last of all the knights." This affects the story because if it wasn't in a medieval country they wouldn't have half of the ranks mentioned. This also
affected the story because they
wouldn't have made her marry
someone of royalty.

The Protagonist is King Thrushbeard because when he was posing as the minstrel he was good and kind to the princess and still was once his identity was revealed. The princess was the antagonist because all she was doing in the story was making her life harder without the interference of someone else.
The conflict is Man vs Society because the story implys from the way the princess was acting, she fighting with her father and all the people who want to marry her about geting married. I get this idea because she was calling all her suitors names and shunning them and not cooperating with her father. Another part of the conflict is that the princess had to marry the beggar because she had to get used to a life without servants as the text states"Where are the servants? she asked. Servants my foot! answered the beggar. If you want something done you'll have to do it yourself."
The climax was when the princess found out that the beggar was really King Thrushbeard because although when she finds a husband, that husband is a beggar. So the conflict doesn't end until she finds out that the beggar is King Thrushbeard. I can prove this because in the text it states " She saw it was King Thrushbeard again. "Don't be afraid." "I am the minstrel you've been living with in that wretched shack;" King Thrushbeard said."
"The Language of Literature" by Littel McDougal.
Thanks for Watching
The theme of the story is "Don't be mean or selfish or else it will come back to bite you". I can prove this because in the text it states "She rejected all the suitors and poked fun at them". Therefore she was being mean to her suiters and selfish to her father who could have beniftted from the joining of the two kingdoms. This proves that the theme of this story is "Don't be mean or selfish or else it will come back to bite you."
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