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What Are HERO Rewards?

A brief summary of the whats and hows of HERO Rewards

Scott Morris

on 26 May 2013

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Transcript of What Are HERO Rewards?

MERITs are the Currency
of HERO Rewards. What Are

? Be a HERO. HEROES are people who answer the call of their community by helping out around town and at program sponsored events. MERITs are what HEROES earn when they attend community improvement events and what they use to claim their Rewards. The deals HEROES get with their MERITs aren't available to just anyone. In fact, they aren't available to anyone but HEROES!
The savings HEROES enjoy mean that they'll have more cash for fun another day. Who are HEROES? What are MERITs? = SAVINGS HERO Rewards are ONLY available from Locally-Owned Businesses, so every time a HERO enjoys a Reward, they enrich
the local economy too! Cool! Keeping it LOCAL. Josh gets into the pool
for $1 instead of $5! Stephen enjoys a good read
with some free coffee! Stephen helps out at
the community garden Josh checks in at the Volunteer Center HERO Rewards are easy to find!
Whether on an online map... ...or our mobile app, you might
be surprised at what's out
there waiting for you! HERO Rewards encourage people to do good and to support their local economy.

They're fun, they're effective, and they
just make plain ol' good sense! +1 Local. +1 Community. +1 Fun. Anyone can be a HERO! That's right! "How do I find my Rewards?" Let's Get Local! www.mylocal.coop HERO Rewards support the community
and the local economy.

They're good deals for good deeds done by people who make the difference. Overview a
of Gratitude! Rewards MERITs mean more fun now,
and more cash later. Check out our new site
& sign up for updates
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