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A Christmas Memory…

No description

Becky Morel

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of A Christmas Memory…




Continued Literary Analysis:
page 319
“My friend shivers, too: not with cold but with enthusiasm. one of her hat’s ragged roses
sheds a petal as she lifts her head and inhales the pine-heavy air.”were almost there; can you smell it buddy?” says as though we were approaching an ocean.

the tone goes from joyful to gloomy and dark

point of view
1st person

a small town in Alabama
mid November

the kites that they made for each other

Truman Capote
Quick facts...
: September 30, 1924, New Orleans, LA
: August 25, 1984, Bel-Air, Los Angeles, CA
Becky Morel
Siraj Romdhane,
Charles Thomas Jr.

By: Truman Capote
Literary Analysis:
Characters mentioned-
Buddy(7 year old)
Mr. Haha
Mrs. Haha
"sixty something" year old woman
Queenie (dog)

Pg. 310
"she is small and sprighty, like a bantam hen....."

metaphor page 312
"a straw cartwheel corsaged with velvet roses"

hyperbole-page 310
“Just today the fireplace commenced its seasonal roar.”

personification- Page 319
“Queenie slumps by the fire and sleeps till
tomorrow, snoring loud as a human.”


: Truman Garcia Capote
: Trinity School, St. Joseph Military Academy, Greenwich High School, Dwight School
bio on the author

Watch the video to learn more
Who is the dog in the pictures?
What are they baking??
How is this picture significant to the story?

The two friends make fruitcakes every Christmas for people they have never met and for acquaintances

make the most of what have
Its better to give than recieve

The two cousins don't have enough money to buy expensive gifts.

The crisis is that Buddy and his elderly friend get separated.

Buddy's elderly friend dies.

The mood for majority of the story is happy and joy but towards the end of the story the sad and depressed
Every character in a story has different characteristics. Think about the character you relate to the most. Write to explain why you
are most like this character.
This short story bases itself with a seven year old boy and a cousin, "sixty something" years old.
this is his memory of Christmas.
every Christmas this boy and his elderly friend would make fruitcakes. "It's fruitcake weather!"
This old lady had an old friend, who had already passed, but his name was Buddy. And that is what she called this young boy.
The major experiences he recalls within this story is cutting down a christmas tree, making kites, making fruitcakes, and opening the presents.
in the story there is also a very special character, their dog, Queenie.
Through the story the two friends go through many adventures. within year(s), Buddy attends a military school, the elderly woman later dies.
Happy Holidays
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