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There Will Come Soft Rains Day 3

No description

Elise Swanson

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of There Will Come Soft Rains Day 3

There Will Come Soft Rains
...It's The End!!

Do Now
Theme is the underlying message of the story that is not directly stated in the text, and can be found by analyzing the thoughts, words, and actions of characters. Ask yourself these questions:
1. What do the characters think, say, and do?
2. Why do the characters think, say, and do what they do?
3. Which thoughts, words, and actions do you react positively to? Which get the best results for characters?
4. How is the author telling us to think, talk, and act?

Personification and Conflict
Personification is when the author gives human-like characteristics to something that is not human (such as a house) .
How has the house in this story been personified?

Conflict occurs when characters want different outcomes (things)
What conflict have we seen so far in this story? Has there been conflict?
It's game time!
What are the stakes? As always, eternal glory. More immediately, a video break

You have a Do Now on your desk. Complete the scales, describe your house (you won't have to share specifics), and describe fire.

You have 3 minutes
Let's Recap
What's happened so far in the story?
Who is the main character?
How do you feel about the house?
What's the mood of the story?
What do you think will happen today?

Fill in your Graphic Organizer
Actions of house:
Your Reaction to the house:
Actions of the fire:
Your Reaction to the fire:
How is the author telling us to think, speak, and act?:

Selects & reads a poem for Mrs. McClellan
The house seems senseless

We shouldn't get stuck on a single routine
Thinking Through What Happened
Group 1: Describe the conflict
Who is fighting whom?
What are the fighting over?
What are their strategies?
Who "wins"?
Group 2: Describe the fire
Group 3: Describe the house
Summarize, Prove, Present
Walk of Theme
Everyone will write what they think the theme is on a notecard, and post it around the room.
We will SILENTLY walk around the room, and react to the themes on the chart
This is your last Exit Ticket. Impress me, impress yourself, and finish strong.
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