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A Life in Anthropology

No description

Sammy Bybee

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of A Life in Anthropology

Education Require You need to have a bachelors degree in either in chemistry anatomy,physiology, or anthropology. Then you will need a graduate level degree in anthrogology or human biology. Next a PHD in anthropology and at least 3 years experience in forensic anthropology before your are able to apply to the board to get a board certification. Work in this feild can require less education such as just a bachelors degree but work is very limited. You will be favored and have a better wage with a PHD. Traits employers look for Have a strong stomach
Be able to remain composed
Active listener
Have good critical thinking
Social perception
Have good communication skills
Shows decition making skills

Where you will be working Normaly anthropoligist work at universities being professiors, and they will be consultants to medical exameners and to the courts. Big money? A starting salary is around $32,427-$57,516 If your in the feild for 5-9 years you could be making up to $73,698 Universities The key to getting a good job is attending
the right university. The top four universities are
University of Callifornia Berkeley $22,000 per year and most graduate in 8 years University of Chicago $35,000 per year and most graduate in 9 years Hardvard University Most expensive but also the best of the four schools University of Michigan This one is also $35,000 per year
and most graduate 9 plus years Is it for me? I highy doubt i would make a good anthropoligist. I dont like being around dead things and especialy body parts like bones. I still find the study of anthropology to be very interesting and an exciting job but the fact that it can be quite desterbing at times would make me shy away from it as a career. sourses Information
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