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Copy of The Lord of War.

The global trading of AK-47 or other light weapon.

john tao

on 5 August 2015

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Transcript of Copy of The Lord of War.

AK-47 is an Addictive Poison:

The Global Illegal Trading of AK-47 and Solutions

Movie: The Lord of War
AK-47 production is a huge and complex issue. AK-47 production rely on the each country cooperate with.
Solutions 1
Overflow of AK47 is the most important issue

WTO is the authority on global trade.

The strict punishments
Solution 2
Encourage Russia government applies for the patent.

Illegal countries are reparation the fee.

Most countries were willing for giving patent to Russia government
Solution 3
Some innovative and creative ways to help people.

Organization purchases AK-47 and melts them into iron.

“Lord of war”
Not only easy to use, but also simple for copy and reproduces.
China usually provides or sells AK-47 to government armies in some conflict regions
After Soviet collapsed and the Russia was built, Bulgaria continues to produce AK-47.
Illegal trading and manufacturing of AK-47 are the detriment for world security. It is necessary to stop them.
Qualitative study
Primary sources
1. China North Industries Co.
Secondary sources
1. formal newspapers and magazines
a. Time
b. CNN
2. academic journal
Topic Background
What are the discussions of Russia, China, and Bulgaria in this study?
* Development
* Proliferation
* Counterfeit
* China- U.S.
* China- Sudan
* Main manufacturer: High quality
* Keep producing and exporting
Case Study
Russia, China, and Bulgaria
Russia is the original production country of AK47
AK47 used to be the standard-issue light weapon of Soviet and Warsaw Treaty Organization.
Soviet also supported some community countries to develop their military
After Soviet collapsed, the spreading of AK-47s can hardly be controlled.
China North Industry Corporation produce AK-47(North Industry). They name AK-47 as Type 56 Sub Machine Gun(Type 56).
North Industry is a government controlled company. They claim social responsibility.
However, illegal exporting and shipping occur in China.
China and America
US police arrested 14 people in 2001. They imported more than 2000 AK-47s from China without permission of shipping. They wanted to use these guns to protect their own rules of drug trading.
China and Africa
China claims that they have to protect Sudan people in peace. They always persuade other countries using peaceful way to solve Sudan's problem.
Chinese “peaceful way ” is providing money and weapons for Sudan's government, and the weapons include AK-47s.
With the “help” of AK-47s, there are more than 1000 people die in Darfur, Sudan, 2006.
Bulgaria is a part of Soviet before 1991.
A main factory of AK-47s is located in Bulgaria.
The AK-47s which is made in Bulgaria have a higher quality than other countries.
Bulgaria exported AK-47s both to Iran and Iraq in 1980s.
Bulgaria exports their AK-47s to Africa such as Democratic Republic of Congo.
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