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Georgia O'Keefe

No description

Alyssa Parr

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Georgia O'Keefe

Georgia O'Keefe
An American artist born in the Midwest in 1882.
She was inspired by natural forms: mostly flowers.

She made very large paintings, showing a magnified view of flowers.
She wanted to show the brilliant colors she found, the colors in relation to each other, and the shapes these colors created.
After a while, Georgia found that she needed new inspiration.

She packed up and moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico.
She took in the new, different landscape, taking many trips to explore the deserts and mountains.
She was also skilled in blending colors together, to show seamless gradients and make the flowers appear to pop out at the viewer.
She collected many bones, skulls, rocks, etc., from the land and began using that, and the landscape, as inspiration for her paintings.
Sometimes she zoomed so far in, the viewer can no longer tell right away that it is a flower.
Take 2 minutes and decide which you would like to do. I will show each group how to do their chosen project.
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