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New Venture - BU121

Glass Evolution

Ahmad Faheem

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of New Venture - BU121

Glass EVOLUTION Save Money ~ Drive Safer Ahmad Faheem, Lynn Chen, Daniel Shogilev Agenda

1. Problem
2. Solution
3. Business Model
4. Marketing and Sales
5. Competition
6. Management Team
7. Financial Projections
8. Critical Risks
9. Timeline and Milestones
10. Investment Required Problem Drivers are negatively affected by sunlight and UV radiation UV light passing through car windows can:
Distract drivers from the road
Cause health and vision problems,
Increase energy costs of operating a car Solution Photochromic Glass: Glass darkens in the presence of UV light
Prevents the entry of UV light into the vehicle
Reduce sunlight distraction related car accidents, health and vision problems
Reduce interior temperature of the car, thus eliminating the need for air-conditioning. Proven technology on smaller applications Glass Evolution will manufacturer photochromic glass and sell to automobile manufacturers Business Model MARKETING Marketing Mix RODUCT Photochromic Glass Shopping Good
High Quality RICE Premium Pricing Strategy
Photochromic glass will be priced at $60 per square foot
On average, a vehicle needs 10 square feet of glass, average selling price per car is $600 LACE Grimshaw, Alberta Favorable manufacturing location
Close to suppliers
Lowest tax rates in the country ROMOTION Advertising
Personal Selling
Utilize car manufactuer's advertising efforts to promote our product
Core Message: Providing an innovative way to reduce UV light and sunlight from drivers experience and as a result reduce car accidents and UV radiation health issues. Target Market P P P P Premium Pricing Strategy Traditional car glass cost on average $150 per car
Tinted car glass cost on average $300 per car
Glass Evolution will cost on average $600 per car. This price will be for manufacturers installing this glass into their cars Final customers car lovers, wealthy and long-time drivers luxury car brands Competition 3 types of direct competitors to photochromic glass
Tinted glass
Traditional clear glass
Window film Meet the management team! Meet the management team! Ahmad Faheem
Director of Finance and Sales Lynn Chen
Director of Marketing Daniel Shogilex
Director of Human Resources and Operations Exhibits strong problem solving abilities, impulse control and an optimist
According to DISC assessment, Ahmad is a Designer Exhibits excellent teamwork abilities, good listener, follows through with ideas
According to DISC Assessment; peacemaker According to DISC, Daniel is a Communicator
Enthusiastic, persuasive, and people person Experience Capital Market Specialist at Business and Financial Mathematics Association Laurier
Also involed in Laurier Investment and Finance Association Experience Volunteer group leader at Malaysia Zoo
Also a volunteer group leader at "Stop the Trafficking" charitable organization Experience Worked on a warehouse management team at Pioneer Family Pools Financial Projections Revenue Assumptions We estimate only 50 car retailers will agree to use our glass in their cars; buy 2 cars with our glass
We made an assumption that every 6 months 20 more retailers will purchase cars with our glass and an extra car every 6 months. Thus, we will sell 1,860 cars worth of glass in the first year. First 6 months: (6 months*50 car retailers*2 cars per month) = 600 cars sold
Second 6 months: (6 months*70 car retailers*3 cars per month) = 1260 cars sold Breakeven Analysis Financial Projections Financial Projections 1,860 cars worth glass sold first year Average selling price of $600 per car Break Even in October,2016 Cash positive in May 2016 Net sales of $1,908,000 in Y2 Financial Projections Financial Projections Monthly Cash Burn in Y2: $87,882
Monthly Cash Build in Y2: $159,000
Net Cash Build: $71,118 Net Cash Burn in Y1; thus we plan to take a demand loan Critical Risks New entrants

Demand overestimated/market be unreceptive

Customer satisfaction Scheduling and Milestones Lease Factory
Purchase equipment
Hire R&D Staff Now - 2013 Prior to Release
2014 Release
2015 Expand initial Market
2016 Future Develop contracts with car manufacturers
Hire Sales Managers
Advertising Push
Mass Production
Apply for Patent Promotional Activities
Refining production process Use excess cash to expand operations
Reduce cost of productio Enter global market
Further expand operations Financial Requirements Financial Requirements $500,000 Investment 25% equity Credit Financing Used To Pay Start-Up Costs $317,446 Loan Any Questions?
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