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enVision Math

Lesson Checklist

Marcie Nichols

on 22 July 2009

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Transcript of enVision Math

enVision Math
A Teacher's Response to a Learners' Needs
Part 1- Daily Spiral Review
or Problem of the Day

Part 2- Develop the Concept- Interactive
Part 3- Develop the Concept-Visual
Part 4- Close/Assess and Differentiate
Foundational Skills
5-10 minutes- Be careful not to let this eat up too much time.
Teacher makes real life connection
Poses a problem and encourages
students to explore and manipulate
Students make
and talk to explain
their thinking
Problem is visually displayed
Effective use and management
of manipulatives and workmats
Teacher moves around the room
Academic Language
Math Talk!
Teacher scaffolds the learning
Visual Learning Bridge
Teacher interacts with the Visual Learning Bridge

Teacher uses effective questioning strategies and
gives students time to respond
Twin Rivers Unified School District
What is known and what is new?
Teacher summarizes the
essential understanding
Data (evidence) is used for
differentiation and intervention
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