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Teen Pregnancy in Today's Society

Reasons why teen pregnancy has become symbolic of today's generation.

Larrissa Trask

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Teen Pregnancy in Today's Society

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Teen Pregnancy in Today's Society
Seven hundred and fifty thousand girls are predicted to become pregnant this year.
Schools provide assistance to support teen moms.
Teachers are being supportive
How have schools become involved in teen pregnancy?
Teenage mothers are more likely to drop out of high school.
Teen moms often remain single parents
Teen pregnancy is not only apparent in the lives of the mother and the child, but it also has made an impression on society.
Teachers are very patient with students who become pregnant by helping them in anyway they can. In the past, pregnant teens were not aloud in school.
It seems that the growing acceptance of adolescent birthrates has recommenced the once declining trend of young mothers in America. Teen pregnancy has become characteristic of this generation.
Teen pregnancy was once on a steep downfall, but due to a growing acceptance of publicized teen pregnancies, teen pregnancy rates have once again increased.
Eighty-six teens were pregnant in one high school at the same time.
Teen pregnancy has become iconic.
In the media
In schools
In communities
Between 1991 and 2005, the teen pregnancy rate was declining but now........
Years ago people did not accept teen pregnancy the same as they do today.
Being a teenage mother brings on responsibilities of adulthood, that a teenager may not be ready for.
The stresses of motherhood are prominent and require teen mothers to make extremely important choices.
Teen pregnancy has gotten media attention by emphasizing the struggle that teen mom's go through.
Being a student and a mom at the same time can be difficult.
The show helps viewers understand how teen pregnancy forces you to grow up to fast.
They struggle with the decisions they have to make.
The media has made teen pregnancy symbolic of today's generation by encouraging it.
The media idolizes teen pregnancy by encouraging teens to get pregnant together.
Shows like the Secret life of the American Teenager led teens to believe that becoming pregnant makes things better.
There are teen moms that become famous.
Compared to teen moms before the 70's, teen moms today have a greater chance of attending college.
High schools are even teaching teens the proper way to care for children to ensure that the babies of teen mothers receive the best care.
Society discusses teen pregnancy and they...
...assume teens who go out in public with kids are teen moms.
...look down on teen mothers.
Some people do not favor teen pregnancy
There are cases were the teens pregnancy is a product of rape
The negative aspects can sometimes out weigh the good
...realize that there are some teens who have turned their situation into a positive one.
They become good moms and still go to college
Abused girls become motivated to improve their situation
They become productive, successful members of society
Society is getting involved in teen pregnancy.
Teen moms have resources available to them that society provides.
Tax money goes into government run programs that help support teen moms.
There are organizations that collect baby supplies to give away to teen moms.
The debate.
Politicians, educators, health professionals, economists, and the general public are all debating about teen pregnancy.
The End
Thanks for listening :)
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