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No description

on 21 April 2015

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Transcript of Pardot

Pardot B2B Marketing Automation
What is Marketing automation used for?

It is about connecting all your digital marketing systems and activities.

Measurement, testing, refining.

Producing large quantities of data which can be used to improve processes and increase sales.
Increased creativity, improved results
From 1.49% CTR in July to 4.38% in December
Connecting campaigns to the webshop
Measuring success
£ 24,675.96 spent on Dr. Ehrenstorfer products from a single email.

Over 2500 sessions created from the Hospital Waiting Room PFC campaign.
Connecting functions to increase sales at LGC
Marketing Systems
Currently for LGC Standards
Guidelines and instructions for Marketing and Product Management teams.

Marketing and product management working together to come up with campaigns that work.

Increased overall CTR from 2.12% in August to 4.26% in December.
Pardot for LGC
Product Management
Web shop
Generate more sales leads
1. What qualifies an individual as a sales lead?

2. How do you follow up on sales leads? Could we help you?

3. What constitutes success?
How is it measured?
Form downloads
Over 1200 form completions

The top five catalogues have a form to fill in on the web shop

20% submission rate on all forms

Over 250 physical Dr. E requests alone

Forms Example
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