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No description

Ms Christian's Class

on 17 May 2016

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Transcript of Facts

The Facts about Maoris
The Maoris People do then Haka to scare
The other people by thinking it was war
The War by the 17s
There was a war between the Maoris and The
Europeans in New Zealand when they Came with the ships from Hawaii
The Maoris owned New Zealand Before the
Europeans Came but by the 1800s They are now living Peacefully with europeans

And Now they are still here in New Zealand.
Facts about New
New Zealand is Part of Australia and the Maoris live there
New Zealand is a country on its own and its made of 2 islands
Australia is the most southerly Contanant in Earth so its cold! Brrr!
DONT distract!
The Maoris are things you dont want to mess with Because.....
They Have a massive amount as a tribe
They Have good wooden Swords
And they are the RULERS OF NEW ZEALAND!!!
What They are
The Maoris People are the People of
New Zealand
And they named New Zealand The Aotearoa
Massive Team
The Maoris work as a team in fights so they can bitterly beat their enemies.
The Maoris have a massive amount of People [1,000,000+ People]
By David Tuptil and Kevin McGhee
The Maoris people don't like Europeans
The Antarctic is close
Its Cold in South New Zealand
Because more south is
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