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Inteligent Stuff

Inteligent buildings and materials.

brenda carranza

on 18 May 2010

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Transcript of Inteligent Stuff

Taipei 101 Once the world's tallest building, 449.2 m tall.
References http://www.geekologie.com/2008/06/the_730_ton_ball_that_keeps_th.php Is designed to withstand the typhoon winds and earthquake tremors common in its area of the Asia-Pacific.
Up too 216 km/h.
HOW ? IS IT SAFE? .....With a Tuned Mass Damper

The dampers are huge concrete blocks or steel bodies mounted in skyscrapers or structures, and moved in opposition to the resonance frequency oscillations of the structure by means of springs, fluid or pendulums. Location in the building Specifications -$ 4 million,
-730-ton tune massed damper.
-18 feet in diameter ball.
-Made of 41 steel plates.
-Suspended by strong cables 3 1/2-inches think.
-It's said to cut down on the swaying of the building by almost 40%. Intelligent structures and materials Materials which can adapt to their environment and those which are able to alter their properties as required . Intelligent structures, are to maintain and improve structural performance by recognizing changes in behaviors and loads, adapting to meet goals, and using past events to improve future performance. - Intelligent structures: A new direction in structural control
Institute of Structural Engineering and Mechanics (ISS-IMAC), EPFL-Federal Institute of Technology, CH-1015 Lausanne, Switzerland http://www.quantumglass.com/solutions3.php?technologie=privalite&content=technology Quantum Glass Types
Planinilum An active glass panel that becomes a living material, glowing with pure, sensual light. Light-pieces structure, animate and illuminate space.

hotels, restaurants, lounges and boutiques, corporate headquarters, theaters, luxury contemporary homes.
Thermovit An active glass panel that, under the effect of an electric current, serves as a 100% energy-efficient electric heater.

Applications: living spaces, commercial spaces (fashionable hotels and boutiques) and areas with high humidity (spas and fitness centers).
Active insulating glazing whose electronically-controlled low-emissivity coating converts electrical power into heat. Depending on its composition, it can direct heat outward or inward to: melt falling snow, prevent condensation, or constitute a source of heat.
No more clouded up windows; no more radiators to block views and waste warmth or space. LEDinGlass An active glass system that evenly diffuses multi-hued light to generate infinite colors and special effects. Unlike a traditional light source, here, it is the entire glass surface that lights up!
PRIVA-LITE Active glass which, under the effect of an electric current, switches from translucent to transparent with no alteration of light level. It offers users the choice between privacy and visibility and even communication: in its “off” state of translucency, PRIVA-LITE constitutes an ideal back-projection screen.
Active glass which switches from translucent to transparent with no alteration of light level.
Brenda Carranza
Isela Beristáin Intelligent
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