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Hand Hygiene Compliance

Learning Team A

Melania Flores

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Hand Hygiene Compliance

Sanda Batchelor,
Lisa Derrick,
Melania Flores,
Christina Menardie,
and Charles Peworski Nursing Hand
Hygiene Compliance Clostridium Difficile or C Diff

Center for Disease Control

Hand Hygiene

National Patient Safety Goal Three Quantitative Studies "Improving Hand Hygiene Adherence Among Nursing Staff "

"The Impact of Workload on Hygiene Compliance in Nursing"

" Exploring the Factors Associated with Hand Hygiene Compliance of Nurses During Routine Clinical Practice" (Harne-Britner et al., 2011) (Knoll, Lautenschlaeger, & Borneff-Lipp, 2010) (Korniewicz & El-Masri, 2010) Three Qualitative Studies
Phenomenological "Focus Group Study of Hand Hygiene Practice Among Workers in a Teaching Hospital in Toronto, Canada"

"Hand Hygiene Practices: Nursing Students' Perceptions"

"A Qualitative Exploration of Reasons for Poor Hand Hygiene Among Hospital Workers: Lack of Positive Role Models and of Convincing Evidence that Hand Hygiene Prevents Cross-Infection" (Erasmus, et al., 2009) (Barrett & Randle, 2008) (Jang, et al., 2010) Conclusion Four Barriers Identified Workload
Limited Access to Supplies
Lack of Education
Lack of Senior Role Models To influence hand hygiene behaviors due to close patient contact and role modeling

Best approach is a multi-modal approach that is supported by hospital organization
Building a Supportive Environment

Re-educating Nurses

Empowering Nurses to Hold Others Accountable

Role-modeling Nurses are Key Figures Until there is a change in how health care providers approach hand hygiene there will never be a change in health care associated infections. References Questions ? Keys to Success
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