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Text Features E-Book

No description

Alex Brewer

on 3 February 2013

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Transcript of Text Features E-Book

By Alex Brewer Text Features Title Chart Key or Legend The area on a map, chart, or graph that explains all of the colors, symbols, line patterns, shadings used. Picture A visual representation of a person, place, thought or thing. Heading Listing ideas in a book the broadest or biggest, being the heading or title. The smallest being the subtitle or subheading. Caption The text next to or below a picture or illustration. Table of Contents A visual representation of multiple things, comparing them. The main name that is given to a piece of art or creation.
Ex. Hunger Games Graph A representation of sets of data using x and y usually using a coordinate plane. Map A list of the major chapters with the page number. The main reason for it, is to let a reader skim through to get to a specific page or chapter. Boldface Type Underlined Type Italicized Type A picture of a place and the objects inside of the place and or around it. Table A set of data arranged in rows and/or columns that show relationships between the data. Illustration A piece of artwork the makes something more clear or attractive. Subheading The secondary heading added to a subject heading going into more detail about the heading and/or the subheading that came before. Sidebar A short article that deals with a sidelight of the text. It usually supports or expands a point made in the text and is set off by being put in a box. Glossary An alphabetical list of key terms in a text. Index An alphabetical list having all of the contents, in alphabetical order. Footnotes A numbered list of notes at the bottom or side of a page Numbered list A list in which each line is fronted by a letter or number instead of a bullet. Bulleted List A list where each new line is after a graphic symbol. Annotations Notes added to a document or text to explain something about the text. A typeface with thicker, darker letters for drawing attention to particular words and phrases. A typeface of slanted letters to emphasize a word or phrase. A typeface where lines are put under it to draw attention to the underlined text.
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