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History Of Graphics Timeline

BY: Imani Alexander & Erica Blount

erica blount

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of History Of Graphics Timeline

Imani Alexander & Erica Blount History Of Graphics Date: 105 AD THE Chinese produces the sheets of paper . Date: 1400 BCE The discovery of Clay Tablets DAte: 1045 AD Moveable type with individual characters Date: 1400 Paper making begins in Europe Date: 1440 Johannes Gutenberg and the first Printing Press Date: 200 AD Carved woodblocks used to print images and large capital letter on paper Date:1717 J.C Le Blond , a painter, patents a color painting process Date: 1796 Alois Senefelder and the invention of lithography. the process od oil and water do not mix Date: 1844 Friedrich Koening develops a rotary press Date: 1852 The first "screened" photosensitive metal plate Date:1863 M.william Bullock of the United States develops the web press Date: 1875 Ira Rubel develops offset printing Date: 1935 Graphic communications enters the computer age with digital graphics Date: 1959 Improved graphics software Date: 1960's Phototypesetting is introduced Date: 1965 Linotype machine invented Date:1993 Digital technology replacing printing plates
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