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The Adventures of CISC 101

No description

Antonio Ahmed

on 11 May 2016

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Transcript of The Adventures of CISC 101

Started From the Bottom Now We're Here: CISC101
Presented By: Antonio Ahmed-Garcia

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
This class has taught me so much and I am very grateful for what I have learned here. I can honestly say that the skills I aqquried through this class will be of much use to me in the real world, especially once I graduate. I not only leanred how big the world of social media is, but also how I can stay professional within it and use it to my advantage. As well as being introduced to a variety of tools which I had never heard before of but now am pretty familiar with all of them.
Thorughout the semester I learned about how important it is to stay professional on my social media accounts. The whole world can see what you pot online so it is key to only post things that you know will not get you into trouble, especially when it comes to trying to find a job upon graduation. So posting pictures of you out partying and getting wasted isnt ideal for what employers are looking for when hiring. For me, I intend of making it big in Hollywood which means my whole life will be followed my millions of fans so it is vital that I stay humble and act in a professional manner when posting things to my social media accounts that way fans will admire my work.
My Experience
I dont think I have ever thought about my future or life after graduation as much as I did while in this class. It really made me become serious about it because I will be a junior in college in just a few weeks which means that graduation date it getting closer and closer. This class has opened up my mind to the future and what I wanna do with mine. I wanna hopefully become a well known face in Hollywood for Tv/Radio and this class helped me to learn what I need to do once I do become a star one day. I will have millions of people following my everday life, it will no longer be private so it is essential that I brand my image into something that I am going to be proud of and that all starts with social media.
The Future
I have been introduced to a ton of new social media tools that I didnt even know exsisted while being in this class. And I have enjoyed learning about every single one of them. From Linkedin to Diigo to Jing, all of these tools will be of some benefit to me in the futrue beileive it or not. They make organinzing and accessing my social media accounts so much easier all while being fun at the same time. While I am already very familiarwith Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram these addtional tools helped me expand my horizon in the world of social media.
Cool Tools
This class has really been a joy to be a part of, I dont think ive ever said that I have enjoyed a class before experiencing this one. It has truly been a pleasure to take part in such a unique class that I have never taken before. Each week was a different adventure exploring the world of social media and was a lot of fun to discover new skills. I would most definetly recommend this class to someone who is really interested in thinking about thier future and what there going to do after graduation. And how the internet can play a big role in helping you land that dream job. Professer Boyer was always there for help when I needed him and always responded quickly with any answers to question I had and I appreciated that very much. This actually has gotten me interested in Computer Science more than ever and I think I am going to take another course later on in my college career just to broaden my strenghts that I have already gained through this class.
My Thoughts
Thank You Professor Boyer for all you're help and for an insightful and enjoyable semester!!!!
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